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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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  1. Can sex make you younger?

    Article by Marisa Peer Marisa Peer  explains how sex can make you look 12 years younger while adding 20 years to your lifespan   Regular sex is a great way to slow down ageing, In studies of people who live to a 100 years or more many of them cited a regular and enjoyable sex life, that continue into old age, as something that contributed to them living a long life and kept them young in mind and body.  Regular Sex causes the release of hormones including human growth hormone that makes skin look more elastic and keeps us looking and feeling young. We diminish the amount of human growth hormone as we age but increase it every time we have sex. Sex releases ‘feel-good’ chemicals in the brain that can relieve arthritis and other aches...
  2. Does a sex life matter after 50?

    Article by Cat Williams Ingrid Tarrant has been interviewed by the Daily Mail about her endorsement of celibacy at the age of 59. Ingrid says “we are all conditioned to think we can’t function as complete people without a red-hot sex life. But after a bit I stopped missing it and these days I don’t think about it at all. I have never felt more liberated. I think it works the same way as with food. If you have three square meals a day, you find that you are perpetually hungry. If you are starved of food, you lose your appetite. That’s how I see the meaning of the term ‘sex-starved’. You don’t have it and as a result you’re not hungry for it any more. You...
  3. Ten tips for a first relationship after losing your partner

    By Dr Lynda Shaw  1.  It’s a good idea to join a club, group or society so when you are ready you can meet like-minded individuals, who may share similar interests whether they turn out to be just friends or more.  Maybe try a walking club, lunch club or a chess club?  It is a good way to get out there again. 2.   Don’t feel guilty if you are interested in meeting someone.   Your late partner would most likely want you to enjoy life. You will know in your heart of hearts when the time is right. Of course, you will never forget your first true love however, you’re never closing the book on your partner, you are simply starting a different chapter in your life. Others may...
  4. Does the divorce of a friend affect our own relationship?

    Article by Ceri Wheeldon Do our friendships affect our relationships? We have some lively discussions on the FabafterFifty facebook page and one in particular subject really struck a chord when I read it. Gabriela Lerner ( the raw food chef who also happens to be a contributor to the site) posted the following: “Last week I had an interesting experience. I’m generally a positive, happy person, but I spoke with a friend who’s going through a severe relationship issue. The friend was deeply hurt and I listened to her story for almost an hour. I felt very sorry for her and for the relationship and I could really put myself in her position and feel her hurt. Does your friend’s hurt overlay your own relationship? That...
  5. Video Interview: How easy is it to start dating over 50?

    Interview by Ceri Wheeldon There are so many questions asked by our readers regarding dating over 50. I asked Karen Mooney, who set up one of the UK’s longest established introduction agencies, Sara Eden and is also the spokesperson for the Association of British Introduction Agencies  if she could answer the dating questions which most frequently arrive in my inbox. In the first of our series of video interview we cover: Is it too late to start dating in your 50s? How easy is it to meet appropriate men? Is there an upper age limit for anyone wanting to join an introduction agency? How different is dating in your 50s to dating in your 20s? What should we be cautious of in determine if the people we meet are genuine? Are all the good men taken? Are men in their...
  6. Older Women and Younger Men: an Appreciation

    By William T. Hathaway An older woman can satisfy a younger man in very special ways. Her accumulated wisdom and emotional steadiness are needed qualities for him. Her personality has fully blossomed, in contrast to the tightly wrapped bud of youth full of inhibitions and uncertainties. In addition, an older woman has developed a seasoned sensuousness, a lush appeal. Fading roses smell the sweetest — petals open soft and fragrant, exposing inner delicacies, gradually yielding to time and gravity. Even the wrinkles have a beauty to them; they make the surface of the skin more complex and interesting. Her skin, like her mind, has more to it now, the imprint of experience. And he has something to offer her: Enthusiasm! Age is no barrier to love My just-published novel, Wellsprings, is in part...
  7. Wedding Bliss

    Article by Jane Buckle Jane shares her experience of the joys of weddings! I don’t know if it is the champagne that helps many a man to propose but I do know from my experience that they wake up in the morning a full blown fiancé albeit with a raging hangover. The girl in question is already on the telephone to her Mother so there is no going back. You are engaged and your bachelor life style has just flown out of the window. Most girls, well almost every girl wants to get married in the summer under the blue skies although there are quite a few who want a winter wedding, complete with lovely snow scenes. Either way your fiancé and her mother are already discussing dates and wildly looking for a church that isn’t already...
  8. Fab after Fifty: How to build a successful new relationship in your 50s and beyond

    Article by Cat Williams ‘How to build a successful new relationship’. Cat Williams, relationship counsellor and author of ‘Stay Calm and Content’ explores. As a relationship counsellor I have explored first-hand how relationships develop and mature, and why they sometimes run into problems.  I am often asked if there is a ‘secret’ to building and maintaining a strong midlife relationship.  Here is my answer… The first thing we need to recognise is that when we first meet someone and see them as a potential ‘love interest’ we are immediately assessing how that person makes us feel about ourselves.  We might like their appearance, or how interesting they are to talk to, but only if they appear to like us as well, or ‘make us feel good’ in some way,...
  9. Why is it important to build an independent life over 50? 7 top tips to prepare for a single life

    Article by Ceri Wheeldon At times it seems that the world is full of couples, and if you are married or in a long term relationship, it is so easy to slip into being one half of a couple, instead of an individual. It is a hard fact of life, however, that most women will find themselves living alone at some point. Just watching the much acclaimed Fabulous Fashionistas highlighted how life had changed for those women in the programmes who found themselves widowed – one after a happy 54 year marriage. They had all embraced this new stage of their lives with gusto! We never know when , or for what reason we may find ourselves...
  10. Are you in a bullying relationship?

    Article by Dr Lynda Shaw  Playground bullying, work place bullying, cyber bullying and teenagers bullying their parents, there are many types of bullying, all of which are totally unacceptable.  This article however, is going to address relationship bullying, the type that goes on between an adult couple. It is important to note that bullies are both male and female.  It’s hard for a man to admit that his female partner is bullying him, but it happens as much as the other way round and is nothing to be ashamed of (unless you are the bully).  Equally we need to remember that a lot of bullying leaves no visible marks; verbal and emotional bullying happen behind closed doors and can be devastating. What is the psychological profile of a bullying...
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