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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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  1. Opportunities for volunteering overseas over 50

    How many of us have helped our intrepid 18 year olds to get ready to head off on a gap year or an amazing summer of travel and adventure? How many of us have thought, why didn’t I do this? It’s time to change that question to be: Why haven’t I done this yet? What can I do? For years, gap years have offered students the opportunity to explore the world, to volunteer on some life changing missions and to meet like minded people from all walks of life. In recent times however, people of all ages have started embracing the idea of a gap year and made it work for them. From those taking a career break to those launching into retirement with a bang, to...
  2. Shaking Life Up a Bit: Combining Travel with Volunteering

    Article by Diana Hudson Life is busy with work and managing families, and we can sometimes lose sight of what really excites us. We put our own lives on the back burner, always waiting for that “opportune” moment when we promise ourselves that we will do something for ourselves again. But how likely is it that the opportune moment will present itself? Imagine if you were chatting to a friend who needed to have a change of scene. You would be full of ideas of how this could be done: make a few plans, swap with colleagues and friends, pull in a couple of favours, cook up some dinners and pop them in the freezer. A few weeks wouldn’t be too much to...
  3. Has the willingness to help others left the building?

    After a decade of severe austerity measures and cuts in spending on public services, volunteers are the ones in our country that keep the libraries open and maintain public gardens. Yet despite an ever-growing need for citizens to lend their private time to a good cause, the number of volunteers in the UK has stagnated since the turn of the century. What really astonishes me, however, is the distributional shift in the various age groups among volunteers. Whereas the number of volunteers below the age of 45 has increased in the last years, the share of people between the ages of 55-64 has dropped by 7%. How come that particular people in their fabulous fifties have evidentially ceased to stop supporting good causes? Find...
  4. Adventurous Volunteering for Fab after Fifties

    Article by FabafterFifty Women over 50 are increasingly seeking more adventurous holidays, volunteering their time to gain fabulous experiences while contributing to communities across the globe . Here we explore one such adventure – and the experience of one Fab after Fifty volunteer. Elephant Human Relations Aid (EHRA) is based in Namibia, Southern Africa.  It has been in operation for the past 10 years, and aims to help local people live safely, without fear and conflict with local herds of desert adapted elephants.  Run by a British woman, Rachel, EHRA has a fantastic volunteer project where people from all walks of live come and assist them in their conservation work.    The project is really suited to women especially, and the project attracts a large number of over 50 year olds looking for a...
  5. Is it realistic to expect the over 50s to have no need for paid employment?

    Article by Ceri Wheeldon I attended an interesting event last week where the main focus was to identify how to support people over 50 through the path to self-employment. Much of the day was constructive (apart from the imput of an economist from the EU who insisted on referring to the over 50s as ‘older people’ or ‘old people’ throughout-(but that’s another post for another time!) but there was one part which provoked debate and for me concern. Should the over 50s volunteer and not be encouraged to do paid work One of the panel discussions was hosted ‘by Esther Rantzen who took the debate off course as she started the session off by saying that the last thing we should was encourage the...
  6. Diane Goes to Ghana to Help a Community cope with Heartbreaking Poverty and Deprivation

    Article by Diane Priestley Diane Priestley is an Australian journalist now living in London who travelled to Ghana in Africa with Madventurer as a volunteer. Here she writes about her experiences at an impoverished beach village that desperately needs outside support to break free from the poverty trap and improve the future for hundreds of isolated, deprived children. Maranatha is an isolated, impoverished community on a windswept strip of beach between the open ocean and the Volta River on the south-eastern coast of Ghana. The fishing community of around 700 people (with more than half the population children) live in huts made of palm trees and the children attend barren classes in dilapidated bamboo shelters with broken concrete floors. The beach village is one of the poorest corners of...
  7. Midlife Adventure: How do you go about climbing Kilimanjaro?

    Interview with Jo Bradshaw It would seem we are an adventurous group of women! I have received lots of emails in response to the ‘fabwomen’ featured, from readers saying that they would like to have their own midlife adventure over 50. I have selected the most popular adventures and asked for tips on how to get started on an adventure holiday or charity challenge. Climbing Kilimanjaro seems to have captured a lot of imaginations, so we asked Jo Bradshaw who  is a freelance  Outdoor Instructor and Expedition Leader often working for Discover Adventure, she completed her 10th climb of Kilimanjaro earlier this year for her tips. What are the options in respect to ways to join a group to climb Mt Kilimanjaro? The easiest way...
  8. Feeling good by doing good – helping to tackle loneliness in older people

    Guest Article by Sarah Ingram Sarah Ingram took a six-month sabbatical from her job at John Lewis to help a national charity tackle loneliness in older people. She tells Fab After Fifty about her challenge. Most of us would probably admit to feeling lonely now and again but older people who live alone without family or friends can often go for weeks on end with no social contact whatsoever. Loneliness can lead to depression and other problems, and according to research by Age Concern and Help the Aged in 2009, over one million older people are often or always lonely. In February 2009, 54-year-old Sarah Ingram from Cambridge decided to make a difference by working with Contact the Elderly. The charity aims to relieve the acute loneliness of isolated older people aged 75 or more...
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