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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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  1. How to age-proof your make-up

    Tips from Veronique Henderson of Colour Me Beautiful  As we get older it can be too easy to get stuck in a make-up rut where we continue to wear our make-up in the way that we were first taught.  This is probably because we feel confident with the colours and the products that we have been using.   As we age, however, our natural colouring changes which means that the colours we wore in our twenties may no longer flatter us and may also not be age appropriate.  Think blue eye shadow and frosted pink lipstick! Subtle changes to your make-up can disguise minor signs of ageing Making some subtle changes to your make-up routine can help to disguise the minor signs of aging and help to make you...
  2. Video Makeup tutorial for mature women: How to apply foundation and concealer for luminous younger looking skin


    younger looking skin with makeupArticle by Ceri Wheeldon

    As we age our skin loses density and elasticity as our collagen levels decrease, resulting in more wrinkles, sagging and pigmentation spots.

    It is possible to create the illusion of luminous, younger looking skin with makeup as we show in this video which is part of our How to Look Younger with MakeUp series.

    In this video we show you :

    • How to choose and apply the right foundation for mature skin
    • Where and how to apply concealer to even out skin tone and eliminate dark circles and shadows
    • Where to apply highlighter to create a lifting effect for the face.

    Video: How to apply foundation and concealer for younger looking skin over 50

    Products used:

    Clinique Primer

    Daniel Sandler Invisible Radiance Foundation and Concealer

    Sheer Cover Concealer

    Charlotte Tilbury Highlighter


  3. Video MakeUp Tutorial for mature women – how to create younger, fuller looking lips


    video - makture makeup-lipsArticle by Ceri Wheeldon

    As we age our lips thin, are less defined and lose the plumpness associated with youth.

    For those of us who would like our lips to look fuller without resorting to dermal fillers – this video tutorial offers tips to create younger looking lips with makeup. Part of our How to Look Younger with MakeUp video series

    In this video we show:

    • How to minimise smokers lines with makeup
    • How to line the lips to create more definition and fullness
    • How to choose the right colour lipstick to make teeth look whiter
    • Where to apply lip gloss to make lips look fuller.

    Video : Tips for younger looking lips with makeup.

    Products used:

    Clarins lip pencil

    Filorga lip densifier and line smoother

    Transformulas Lip Plumper

    Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick

    Susan Posnick Lipstick

    Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss


  4. Video: Makeup tutorial for women over 50 – blushers and bronzers


    after makeupArticle by Ceri Wheeldon

    How to restore the lost triangle of youth and redefine your jawline with make up

    In our How to Look Younger with makeup tutorial video series we look at how to recreate the lost triangle of youth with blushers and bronzers.

    In this video makeup tutorial we show you:

    • Where to apply blusher to redefine cheekbones and ‘lift’ the face.
    • Where to apply bronzer to redefine a sagging jawline and frame the face.

    Products used:

    Sheer Cover bronzer Charlotte Tilbury Cheek to Chic Blusher Daniel Sandler watercolour fluid blusher…

  5. Video: Make-up tutorial for women over 50 – how to have younger looking eyes

    Article by Ceri Wheeldon Part of our  ‘How to Look Younger with Make-up’ series. As we age we tend to lose definition around our eyes, our brows thin, eyes can become hooded, dark circles become more pronounced, eyelashes become shorter and thinner. All is not lost. Just a few simple tweaks to your make-up routine can really make a difference in our 50s. How to add definition to the eyes How to make lashes and brows appear fuller How to make the whites of the eyes look whiter How to conceal dark circles disappear How to soften crows feet Open up the whole eye area Where to apply eyeshadow and eyeliner How to have younger looking eyes with makeup video   Products Used: Daniel Sandler Invisible Radiance Foundation and Concealer Naked2 Eye pallette by Urban Decay Colour Wow Root Cover (used for...
  6. Can we look younger with makeup? Video Series

    Article by Ceri Wheeldon Is it possible to look more youthful over 50 just by changing our makeup? I talked to aesthetic practitioners about how the face ages, and how they treat their patients with botox, fillers , lasers and chemical peels to restore the face to more youthful proportions. They explained to me that they look to restore the ‘triangle of youth’, even out pigmentation and improve skin tone and elasticity. But can we avoid needles and  create the illusion of a younger looking face just by using make-up? I am one of those women who never leaves the house without makeup – and have my everyday makeup routine down...
  7. Make-up dilemmas of women over 50

    Article by Attracta Courtney With our changing faces over 50 and a host of new make-up products available on the market, we asked celebrity make-up artist Attracta Courtney to answer your make-up dilemmas What are the best types of foundations and concealers to use for mature skin? I would recommend a creamy CC foundation, excellent for colour correcting skin tones for all ages to give a beautiful luminous finish to skin, Ideally ensure that the product has an SPF which helps protect the skin from UVA & UVB sun rays regardless of the season. Big fan of Clinique and Chanel CC creams which are very moisturising also. Which is the best  blusher to use  – cream or powder and where do I apply it?    I am a great fan of cream blushers as they are more easy to smooth onto...
  8. Make-up tips for fabulous younger looking eyes

    Article by Ceri Wheeldon Eyes are often referred to as the ‘window to the soul’ , but as we get older they tend to lack definition, so we need to add that definition back. Brows Years of overplucking brows when we were younger can lead to sparse thinning brows today. A strong brow provides a frame to the face  and helps to lift the whole eye area.  Fill in gaps with a powder shadow 2 tones darker than your natural grow. Brush upwards and hold in place with eyebrow gel. Stray brows can be very ageing. Eyeshadow Light colours cause the eyes to open, dark colours will cause the eyes to recede If you have very light skin avoid dark shades Be careful with shimmer – they will bring attention to imperfections and wrinkles The...
  9. Top tips. How to do your make up if you wear glasses.

    Article by Ceri Wheeldon Our 50s is a time of life when more and more of us start to wear glasses. But how do we adapt our make-up? Firstly  look at the shape of your frame, when you apply your make-up you need to create balance with your face. Do have large bold rimmed glasses? Frameless? Whatever shape of frame you have chosen glasses draw more attention to the brow area.  Fill in sparse brows with a pencil or even an eyeshadow that tones with your brows. If you have overplucked your brows in the past, or if you are concerned about thinning brows, there are some great brow enhancer products to stimulate growth such as Revitabrow or EyeCandy ...
  10. Video Best Make-up Tips for women over 50: Primers, foundations and concealers

    Article by Ceri Wheeldon We explore primers, foundations and concealers for mature skins. What are primers? Are they just marketing hype to persuade us to part with a little more cash – or do they actually serve a purpose? Face Primers I have been using foundation under my foundation for years – I really notice the difference if by any chance I happen to forget. Skin looks smoother, more luminous and dewy, and make up stays ‘put’ for longer. Many contain light reflecting particles  to help diffuse fine lines, pores and imperfections. Worn under foundation, they create a great canvas before you start to apply makeup. Some work as moisturisers, while others actually help to absorb oil and moisture – great for keeping makeup in place during hot weather or if having a hot flush. Others have SPF built-in or even skin...
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