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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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  1. “First you don’t and then you can’t”. Linda shares her adventurous decade.

    Article by Linda Bulmer “First you don’t and then you can’t”. I was not the person to say these wise words but I am blessed to know their source as well as be ready to hear them.  So where did those words take me? What do I mention first? The summit of Kala Patthar looking down over Everest Base Camp, Nepal, or perhaps Alaska, climbing the “Golden Staircase” into the Yukon of Canada.  Just sayin…these words helped catapult me into a very adventuresome decade. Being physically active with 3 children over the last 27 years has been a given.  We have always made it a priority to be an outdoorsy family enjoying camping, snowboarding, bird watching and mountain biking on both...
  2. Midlife Adventure: How do you go about climbing Kilimanjaro?

    Interview with Jo Bradshaw It would seem we are an adventurous group of women! I have received lots of emails in response to the ‘fabwomen’ featured, from readers saying that they would like to have their own midlife adventure over 50. I have selected the most popular adventures and asked for tips on how to get started on an adventure holiday or charity challenge. Climbing Kilimanjaro seems to have captured a lot of imaginations, so we asked Jo Bradshaw who  is a freelance  Outdoor Instructor and Expedition Leader often working for Discover Adventure, she completed her 10th climb of Kilimanjaro earlier this year for her tips. What are the options in respect to ways to join a group to climb Mt Kilimanjaro? The easiest way...
  3. Second Honeymoons in Morocco: City Break vs. Beach Holiday.

    Article by Hannah Knott Second honeymoons are becoming increasingly common, particularly after Wills and Kate jetted to a secluded Canadian island for theirs. But when it comes to planning your second honeymoon do you choose a city break or a beach holiday? As a Fab after Fifty reader you’ll be looking for an adventurous city break, or a relaxing beach holiday with a twist. Morocco’s diverse resorts provide both; Coastal resorts such as Agadir combine beautiful beaches and palm tree lined promenades with Morocco’s ancient traditions, whilst inland cities like Marrakech immerse visitors in its culture with bustling markets and hypnotising snake charmers. Morocco is a mixture of ancient traditions embracing modern living, where culture hungry sightseers can experience its magic. Both Marrakech...
  4. The Top 20 Places the over 50s want to visit.

    Article by Fabafterfifty Emptynesters are becoming more adventurous with their travel plans, taking inspiration from the gap years of the young. Relaxing beach holidays seem to be less attractive, with destinations such as Australia and Canada coming top of the over 50s travel wish list. It would seem we are getting  A generation of parents are spreading their wings and jetting off to far flung climes – to visit the same places as their globe-trotting kids. Researchers have found that one in ten over 50s has been inspired to travel to a destination they hadn’t previously considered after their children recommended it to them. One in ten also said they have been encouraged to travel further afield by younger relatives, with 37 per cent now going on holidays they never dreamed of going on when they were young. And...
  5. How do you go about volunteering overseas- things you need to know

    Article by Ceri Wheeldon Far from planning holidays at sunkissed resorts, sipping cocktails on the beach, there is a growing trend for women over 50 to participate in ‘voluntourism’ , combining travel with volunteering. But how do you go about volunteering, and how do you know what project is right for you? Is volunteering for you? I spoke to Kate Stefanko co-founder of www.travel-peopleandplaces.co.uk  about what to expect from a volunteer placement. “If you arrange your volunteer placement through a reputable company, who work with you to define your specific requirements – and limitations – you can specify the level of accommodation acceptable to you, the environment and the type of voluntary work suited to your own particular skills.” What are the types of skills which would lead to a...
  6. Ellie, emigrated to Australia in her 50s and started a new career in her 60s

    Article by Ellie Wilkie Everyone said we must be mad! It was 1998 when my husband and I accidentally migrated to Australia. One cold dark Scottish winter afternoon we received a phone call offering my husband a semi ex-pat package to Perth, Western Australia. We expected to be there for maybe a year on a temporary work visa. We were unusual in the oil industry in that we had never lived overseas. We were in our fifties and we thought this might be the last chance we had, but we had a daughter in University and a 16 year old daughter about to go into her final year at school, who flatly refused to come with us, plus a much loved old dog who wouldn’t die. We were settled in a...
  7. How Women Over 50 Can Launch a New Career on Cruise Ships

    Guest article by Jessica Suter If you are thinking about a midlife career change and love travel, then why not consider working on a cruise ship? Working on a cruise ship comes with the benefits of travel and new experiences. Women over the age of 50 can choose from a number of career options within the cruise industry. Careers for Travel explain what these jobs are and which skills you need to succeed. Cruise Job Opportunities for Mature Women The best career opportunities on cruise ships for women are the jobs that entitle the crewmember to have their own cabin, have flexible hours and have officer status (meaning more benefits). Here are some of those jobs. Future Cruise Sales Manager – Each cruise ship has a person that...
  8. Top 10 places to visit in Mallorca – the side of Mallorca most rarely see

    Article by Kay Newton The Mallorca Many Don’t See . Its coming up to Christmas and as the cold weather hits we begin to think of warmer climes and hot sunny holidays. Here at can Jaume, we often begin receiving inquiries for our holiday guest house about this time. Perhaps now that you are Fabulous after Fifty, and you are thinking of a holiday abroad, it’s time to see a different side to a favorite holiday destination. I have lived in Mallorca for the past twenty six years. Living on the small island in the Mediterranean has many advantages, having a guest house often highlights the very best points, we absolutely love telling our guests about things that the majority of visitors to the island never...
  9. ‘Gap Years are wasted on the young’ says Jo as she shares her Gap Year experience

    Article by Jo Carroll It was a chance headline in The Guardian, one wet August morning, that got me thinking. Yes, I decided, gap years are wasted on the young. At the time the leap from that to doing it myself, on my own, in my mid-50s, seemed logical. What was to stop me? My daughters had flown; my husband and parents had died; work – well, thirty years in Child Protection is long enough for anyone. Organising my gap year It took two years to organise. I use the term lightly – the leaving was organised. I had contracts to complete; I packed up my house and let it out; I sold my car. If my daughters (I have four) were worried they were generous enough to keep that to...
  10. Are you one of the one in four over 55s planning a Gap Year?

    Article by Fabafterfifty Well , perhaps not quite a year, but it seems that gap years are no longer the preserve of the young. New research shows that more than 25% of those over the age of 55 are planning to take an extended break – travelling on average for 3.7 months. Top gap year destinations It would appear that Australia (which would be my first choice as soon as the opportunity arises) tops the list followed by New Zealand and the USA. Although Vietnam and India are proving to be popular destinations for ‘Grey Gappers’ (I HATE that expression perhaps we should change to ‘Fab Gappers- far more positive!) However, over 55s will spend more to make sure they get good quality accommodation and the most from their...
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