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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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  1. Top 10 places to visit in Mallorca – the side of Mallorca most rarely see

    Article by Kay Newton The Mallorca Many Don’t See . Its coming up to Christmas and as the cold weather hits we begin to think of warmer climes and hot sunny holidays. Here at can Jaume, we often begin receiving inquiries for our holiday guest house about this time. Perhaps now that you are Fabulous after Fifty, and you are thinking of a holiday abroad, it’s time to see a different side to a favorite holiday destination. I have lived in Mallorca for the past twenty six years. Living on the small island in the Mediterranean has many advantages, having a guest house often highlights the very best points, we absolutely love telling our guests about things that the majority of visitors to the island never...
  2. ‘Gap Years are wasted on the young’ says Jo as she shares her Gap Year experience

    Article by Jo Carroll It was a chance headline in The Guardian, one wet August morning, that got me thinking. Yes, I decided, gap years are wasted on the young. At the time the leap from that to doing it myself, on my own, in my mid-50s, seemed logical. What was to stop me? My daughters had flown; my husband and parents had died; work – well, thirty years in Child Protection is long enough for anyone. Organising my gap year It took two years to organise. I use the term lightly – the leaving was organised. I had contracts to complete; I packed up my house and let it out; I sold my car. If my daughters (I have four) were worried they were generous enough to keep that to...
  3. Are you one of the one in four over 55s planning a Gap Year?

    Article by Fabafterfifty Well , perhaps not quite a year, but it seems that gap years are no longer the preserve of the young. New research shows that more than 25% of those over the age of 55 are planning to take an extended break – travelling on average for 3.7 months. Top gap year destinations It would appear that Australia (which would be my first choice as soon as the opportunity arises) tops the list followed by New Zealand and the USA. Although Vietnam and India are proving to be popular destinations for ‘Grey Gappers’ (I HATE that expression perhaps we should change to ‘Fab Gappers- far more positive!) However, over 55s will spend more to make sure they get good quality accommodation and the most from their...
  4. Where You Choose to Retire can Affect Your Future Pension

    Guest post If you are thinking of retiring abroad, be aware of how where you choose to retire to will affect your future pension. John Lawson, Head of Pensions Policy, Standard Life commented: “Retiring abroad is a dream for many people, but does require careful planning and advice. Many people think living abroad is cheaper than living in the UK, but this isn’t always the case. Doing your homework in advance of moving, matching your retirement income and expenditure, and making the appropriate decisions around purchasing an annuity or using income drawdown are key considerations. Your retirement income could also be subject to exchange rates and currency fluctuations, as well as local tax laws. Increases in UK State Pension “You also need to think about your state pension and what, if any, reciprocal agreement is in place. A...
  5. 10 Easy Ways to Get Fit while Enjoying Your Holiday

    Article by Anne Elliott You’ve worked hard all year, thought long and hard about where to spend your precious free time, invested hours pouring over brochures or internet sites to make exactly the right decision, bought some nice clothes to wear out and got a new pot of sun cream. You’re packed and ready to have fun, fun, fun and leave the stresses of everyday life behind you. Use up some of those extra calories A change and release from stress is exactly what a holiday should be, although it’s too easy to take that separation a little too far. Have you ever found yourself eating or drinking way more than you normally would at home, with the justification, ‘It doesn’t matter, I’m on holiday!’ In truth, you are suspending responsibility...
  6. Zoe, Britain’s Best Travel Blogger !

    Guest article by Zoe Dawes Zoe Dawes, 56, our latest Fabwoman, followed her dream to leave corporate life and become a travel blogger  I’m a travel writer and blogger, living in NW England on Lancashire – Cumbria border with my teenage son and a couple of cats.  Single mum from choice – great friends with my ex, Alex’s dad, who lives in a nearby village.  Originally from Southport, I love the Lake District which is on our doorstep and spend a lot of time wandering this beautiful area. How has life changed for you since you were 50? It’s changed dramatically and all for the best. I’m finally doing what I wanted to do since I was a little girl – write and travel.  Everything is more fun now; I wake...
  7. Ten things to consider before living abroad

    Article by Fabafterfifty Have you dreamed of retiring abroad? A new life or retirement  in warmer or more relaxed country can be a dream many of us try to make a reality, but how easy is it for midlife women to pack up life at home and create a new life elsewhere. I talked to a number of women in their 50s and 60s who have done just that and taken up the expat lifestyle in the South of France. These are some of the key points resulting from my conversations. Think ahead of time about how much you will miss your family. A number of the women I spoke to said they had underestimated the impact of not being close once the first grandchild was born. Financial- can you afford to live comfortably –especially with the...
  8. When Emptynesters become Gypsynesters!

    Article by Fabafterfifty We may all have dreams of travelling once the kids leave home, but one couple, David and Veronica James , took the plunge, sold their home and set off on their travels, becoming ‘gypsynesters’. We asked them to share some of their remarkable experiences with Fabafterfifty readers. What prompted you to become ‘gypsynesters’? How far ahead did you start to plan? When our middle daughter graduated from high school and went off to college, the reality of an impending empty nest hit us. In three more years the last chick would fly from the nest. We felt it important that our transition from Mommy and Daddy (and in Veronica’s case Helicopter Mom) to an empty nest, just the two of us, couple needed a thoughtful approach. So we googled “empty nest” and were put into a bit...
  9. Travelling solo as a Woman over 50

    Article by Fabafterfifty Finding yourself single in your 50s does not need to be a barrier to travel. There are lots of opportunities for single women to travel solo- I know, I’ve done it, and so have many of my friends! Going on holiday solo for the first time If you are looking to go on holiday on your own for the first time, one of the easiest ways to take a solo break  is to book an activity based holiday. This can be an easy introduction to the world of solo travelling as participating in shared activities during the day enables you socialise with like-minded people , and generally resolves the problem of eating alone in  the evenings. Whether its cooking in Italy, yoga in Greece ,  painting or book writing in France, there are many possibilities to explore AND...
  10. The Heart and Soul of Travel

    Article by Fabafterfifty I have always seen travelling as an opportunity either do a little sightseeing, or have a well earned rest on a beach while catching up on all my reading. Watching the recent series ‘Monte Carlo or Bust’ has led  me to think of future travel in a slightly different way. For those who missed it,  three teams of two set off to travel the length of France, selecting in each of 3 regions objects which best represented the Head, the heart and the stomach of that region of France. With the rich cultural tapestry of France the teams were spoilt for choice , but with one team selecting the ‘soil’ to represent the heart of the Burgundy wine region, and another home- made cheese for...
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