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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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How to choose the right lighting to apply makeup

Shedding some light on makeup application

chosing the tight lighting to apply makeup image

Research has shown that the average woman will spend as much as £22,000 on makeup and beauty products in her lifetime, and almost two years of her life applying it, which is the equivalent of nine days per year!
Despite this hefty investment of both time and money, we can all relate to occasions where we’ve looked in the mirror some hours later, to see a streaky face and panda eyes staring back at us. So what do we do in these situations (beside cursing and wishing we hadn’t bothered leaving the house)? We go and purchase yet more makeup – more waterproof, more smudgeproof, more lifeproof makeup. But, what if it’s not the makeup that’s causing the problems?


Step into the light


New research from Lighting Direct has revealed that three quarters of women are applying their makeup in poor lighting. Think about the room in your home that you mostly use when putting your face on – does it benefit from good lighting? If the survey results are anything to go by, chances are you’ve been doing it in the dark too!


The bedroom is the most popular room in the home in which women apply their makeup (45%), closely followed by the bathroom at 42%, according to the survey. Lighting Direct said they were surprised to find that so many women apply their makeup in the bathroom – aside from the obvious steamy mirror problems, most bathrooms have harsh lighting that will drain colour out of the face.


Lighting Direct advises that natural light is best for applying makeup, but obviously this is not always readily available at the times we are getting ready to go out.  This doesn’t mean you’ve got to spend a fortune updating the lighting fixtures in your home though; simply opting for a daylight bulb can massively improve your final look.


Kathryn Middleton from Lighting Direct said “It’s much better to try and replicate natural daylight wherever you apply your makeup as then you’ll see your finished ‘result’ in the type of light that other people will see you in too”.
Lighting Direct suggests that spending as little as £5-£10 (that’s less than the price of a high street mascara!) on a daylight bulb is all it takes to help create that highly sought-after flawless makeup finish.

3 Top Lighting Tips for applying better makeup

Here are three top lighting tips to help you achieve a better makeup finish every time:


  • Look for a three digit reference number on the light bulb packaging, and choose a bulb beginning with either 85, 86, 95 or 96 as these will emit a neutral, blue-ish light which will give you a natural illumination that closely mimics natural daylight


  • Consider the bulb’s brightness level too. Ideally, around 1,200 lumens will offer you an ideal level of brightness to see the finer details when applying your makeup, without being too harsh


  • Not only is investing in the right lightbulb important, but also the direction in which the light shines will impact the end result of your makeup. Downward pointing lights, for example, will highlight bags, wrinkles and skin problems leading to overapplication of makeup. The solution is to place lights at eye level, either side of where you apply your makeup.

The survey also asked women to reveal their biggest beauty disasters as the result of poor lighting, and foundation ‘fails’ were the most commonly cited issue of all – either the wrong shade of product, too much product, or insufficiently blended product being the biggest issues.


The majority (77%) of women surveyed said that they would like a better lighting solution for the room in which they apply their makeup, with 71% heading to another room in the home to check how it looks, and 12% asking friends, family, and colleagues for approval.


If you’d prefer to avoid these blunders, consider making the switch to a daylight bulb, and enjoy spending less time (and less money!) on achieving a more fabulous makeup application.


For further information, visit http://www.lighting-direct.co.uk/




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