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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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  1. Do Women over 50 have an Advantage in the Workplace in the Relationship Economy?

    Article by Ceri Wheeldon In a world where we are living longer and consequently working longer, there have been many debates regarding how this affects women over 50 in the workplace, particularly with the increase in state pension age. Women are no longer looking at retiring at 60, but working well into their 60s and even beyond. Some through necessity and some through choice. I receive lots of messages from concerned women in their 50s who feel that they have little hope of finding employment over 50 – and that age discrimination as a major factor. Women over 50 and the Relationship Economy I think however that employers need to  see the advantages that women over 50 can bring to the workplace – particularly in...
  2. Video Interview: What motivates women over 50 to set up businesses. Karen Knott discusses


    Karen_Knott_headshotArticle by Ceri Wheeldon

    Part One of  series of interviews about setting up a business over 50..

    In this video interview with midlife business coach Karen Knott, we discuss the motivation of women over 50 setting up first time businesses, and how easy it is to start on the route to self-employment. We discuss technology and the flexibility that can bring to a business start up as well as the life changes that prompt women to become first time entrepreneurs.

    Can you find your purpose, and make a difference – and an income- by becoming self-employed or setting up a business?

    Karen discusses the importance of the clarity of your business vision – and having a plan!

    Watch the Video:

    For more information on the type of coaching Karen offers ‘Fabpreneurs’ go to http://primetimebusiness.co.uk

  3. You can reinvent your career and start a business in your 50s – or 60s says Dr Lynda Shaw

    Interview with Dr Lynda Shaw Your fifties is the ideal time to set up your own business and it may help to keep you healthy according to Cognitive Neuroscientist and Business Improvement Strategist, Dr Lynda Shaw, at a time when the UK still faces rife ageism in the workplace. This is a topic we cover frequently here on Fab after Fifty – as we explore the best ways for us to make the best half of life – not forgetting that for many of us we have to work beyond 50 out of financial necessity, as well as for enjoyment- and for many self-employment appears to be the only option available to us. Dr Lynda Shaw says the UK is seeing a wave...
  4. Starting a business after fifty it’s not as hard as you think

    Article by Vince Stanzione When we often hear about a start up business the first association is some young go-getters burning the midnight oil, writing computer code while they eat cold pizza however the reality is it’s the over 50’s who are powering the next wave of business start-ups with a surprising number of women deciding to go it alone and become their own bosses. Before we go further let’s look at why we are seeing a boom in these “olderprenuers” First, the recent economic upheaval has forced many to fend for themselves as firms let older workers go in great numbers. These workers had no choice but to use their vast experience to start their own businesses when they were unable to find work in the corporate world. Second, many older workers are simply...
  5. A tale of business funding – is crowdfunding an option for your business?

    Article by Alice Elliott Once upon a time it was easy to go to your bank, cap in one hand and a business plan in the other, to borrow some cash to further your business. But since the credit crunch this activity has been cruelly curtailed, leaving the banks most reluctant to lend. Small business wishing to expand or develop a new project have had to act entrepreneurially to find alternative sources of funding. So what’s the alternative? So online alternatives were set up in the form of crowdfunding. This basically means collecting together like-minded angel investors or altruistic benefactors with spare cash looking for something...
  6. Five top tips for doing your own books

    Article by Elaine Clark With so many women over 50 setting up their own businesses, Elaine shares her top tips for doing your own books. Maintaining your own financial records – AKA doing your books – can seem daunting when you’re new to it. However, it’s an essential part of running your business and ignoring the accounts will lead to big problems later. Start From Day One As soon as you set up your business, start recording your all costs and sales you make. In fact, you may incur costs before you start up. These can still be deducted from your profits, which will reduce your tax liability. Start recording everything from day one, keep up to date and...
  7. Should I set up my new business as a sole trader or limited company?

    Article by Elaine Clark With many women over 50 setting up new businesses, there can often be a lot of confusion in respect to what sort of company to set up. Should you be a sole trader or set up a limited company? To help understand some of the differences, Elaine has put together some comparisons highlighting the implications of choosing one over the other. A simple comparison to see if as a business owner you would be better off with a limited company business structure or if it would be better to trade as a sole trader / self employed business owner. Why are you a sole trader? Starting a business is a tough process. Maybe you decided to be a sole trader as there was less formality and paper...
  8. Setting up a business in your 50s. What to ask your accountant at your initial meeting

    Article by Elaine Clark If setting up a business in your 50s or becoming self employed for the first time, appointing an accountant can be daunting. Elaine Clark, our newest expert on the Fabafterfifty panel,  has drawn up a useful list of questions to offer some structure to help you decide who is the right accountant for you. A question often asked by a new business owner is: “I have arranged an initial consultation with an accountant – what should I ask?” These days this consultation can take place face-to-face or virtually, via phone, Skype or other electronic means. Whatever the method, there are a few essentials that should not be neglected when you have your meeting. Fact Finding It is best to start off with some very simple fact...
  9. Finding your new business idea is easier than you think!

    Article by Catherine Blackburn and Chris Garden More women in their fifties are setting up businesses than ever before. But how do you decide what business to start up? The authors of Employee to Entrepreneur offer some insights. Some people harbour a new business idea for years and it is really about finding the right time and the right impetus to do it.  For others though, whilst the appeal of running a business is strong, the basic business idea escapes them. If you feel that you are struggling for ideas or have a number of ideas but are unsure of which option is the best, try to take a systematic approach, write...
  10. Nicola Horlick on the value a mentor can bring to you and your business

    Article by Ceri Wheeldon. Nicola Horlick has long been known as the superwoman who ‘did it all’. Marriage, children, high flying career.   From corporate life, hedge fund manager to setting up a film music business, Nicola has never been afraid to reinvent herself or move outside her comfort zone. As Nicola says – to have just one career all your working life would become terribly boring, especially as we are all loving longer and working longer. The one common denominator Nicola has had throughout her career , however, is that she has always had a mentor. In Nicola’s case her mentors have always been men, and have always been older with more business experience than she had. For Nicola the having a mentor has been invaluable. For her having someone to bounce ideas off, and talk through the pros and...
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