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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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  1. Top Tips for Writing and Working from Home

    Article by Lady T My UK publicists needed photographs of my life in LA – shots by the ocean in Malibu, having afternoon tea, writing at my desk, relaxing in the sunshine. They asked for images that would capture the contrast between London and sunny California, pictures that would reflect the themes in my novels; India’s Summer and Letter from Paris, as well as ones that can be used for my ongoing series Lady Terry’s Tips where I give advice on topics ranging from writing, traveling, public speaking to lifestyle and career change.   I feel that this photograph, taken by my pool on the first day of shooting, captures that formerly elusive je ne sais quoi. It is worthy of Vanity Fair don’t you think? There are many more I will share in coming weeks, but I think this one is perfect...
  2. 6 Top Tips for Preparing a Speech

    Tips From Lady T The woman behind top TED speaker Sir Ken Robinson shares secrets of speaking success Thérèse, aka; Lady Robinson is the PR and event’s guru who helped her husband; top TED speaker Sir Ken Robinson, catapult his career. Indeed her latest novel, Letter from Paris, is a tale of love and career transformation where her heroine, India Butler delivers the speech of her life. So with many hoping for a pay rise at the end of the financial year, Thérèse shares her top tips on preparing a speech, overcoming stage fright and keeping an audience in the palm of your hand: “If the idea of giving a speech or making a presentation leaves you quaking, take consolation from the fact that even the world’s most charismatic professional speakers fight through...
  3. Changing your career over 50: Lis shares her career reinvention journey

    Article by Lis McDermott   I keep meeting people who tell me that they are too old to change their career.  These are mostly ladies in their late 40’s to early 50’s.  They have a real passion for something, but think that it is too late for them to make changes and follow their dream. I’m now 63, and changed my career at the age of 56.  For 34 years I worked in music education with a range of roles, finally as the Music Adviser for Wiltshire.  During those 34 years I had the most amazing and rewarding career, working with some lovely colleagues,  teachers and students.  I was able to share my passion for music with others, and also develop my own skills.  Life was good! Why make a...
  4. Business over 50: How to charge what you’re worth and get it

    Article by Vanessa Ugatti When it comes to professional services, charging what you’re worth is definitely not an exact science. Of course, there are overheads to consider, market forces and so on. However, there is another dimension which is far more complex in that it depends on the service provider’s beliefs, thoughts and feelings around his or her value. The concept of True Worth came into being quite simply because I had been coaching for years without even considering charging what I’m worth. For as long as I can remember and long before I became a coach, I felt naturally drawn to helping people shift and really enjoyed doing it. So when I started working with people professionally, I hadn’t really considered my value; in fact, I was not sufficiently confident in myself...
  5. Setting up a business in your 50s: Cheap or Free Resources

    Article by Ceri Wheeldon With so many free resources available to help launch new business – or grow existing ones – there has never been a better time to set up a business. I set up (and sold) my first business when I was in my early 30s. Both the initial investment and commitment were significant. Setting up a business 25 years ago. Rental of office ( in my case a serviced office) A PC and laser printer , ISDN lines, graphic design fees, printing costs for brochures , letterhead and cards, postage, phone calls, staff costs, marketing, advertising, Just my PC and printer cost more than £6000. My PC probably did less then than my smartphone is able to do today. To set...
  6. Are you facing redundancy in your 50s?

    Article by Ceri Wheeldon I am receiving a lot of messages from readers of Fab after Fifty at the moment who are being made redundant in their 50s. Many are concerned that their age may be a factor in seeking new employment, others are concerned that they may not have the skills wanted in today’s marketplace, and others see it as an opportunity to set up their own business or do something they have always wanted to do. You need to sit down and really evaluate your skillset. Have you maintained your skills , technical knowledge, industry knowledge? How much have you invested in keeping current over the past few years. If you use technology in your role have you been using the most up to date...
  7. Finding Funding – Financing New Business For Women Over 50

    Article by Helen Sherlock They say that 50 is the new 30, and in some ways that’s true – we’re certainly much younger and healthier than previous generations as they turned 50 – but we’ve also had the opportunity to gain much more self-awareness, and assurance in ourselves. We know what works for us and that makes women over 50 great entrepreneurs. Using Age To Our Advantage When asking women over 50 about their experiences of starting up with their own business, many admit that it’s a risk – but a well timed, well thought out and well orchestrated one. For most of us, with over a quarter of a century’s worth of working life under our belts, even if we’ve been unsure until now what we wanted to do with our...
  8. Do Women over 50 have an Advantage in the Workplace in the Relationship Economy?

    Article by Ceri Wheeldon In a world where we are living longer and consequently working longer, there have been many debates regarding how this affects women over 50 in the workplace, particularly with the increase in state pension age. Women are no longer looking at retiring at 60, but working well into their 60s and even beyond. Some through necessity and some through choice. I receive lots of messages from concerned women in their 50s who feel that they have little hope of finding employment over 50 – and that age discrimination as a major factor. Women over 50 and the Relationship Economy I think however that employers need to  see the advantages that women over 50 can bring to the workplace – particularly in...
  9. Video Interview: What motivates women over 50 to set up businesses. Karen Knott discusses


    Karen_Knott_headshotArticle by Ceri Wheeldon

    Part One of  series of interviews about setting up a business over 50..

    In this video interview with midlife business coach Karen Knott, we discuss the motivation of women over 50 setting up first time businesses, and how easy it is to start on the route to self-employment. We discuss technology and the flexibility that can bring to a business start up as well as the life changes that prompt women to become first time entrepreneurs.

    Can you find your purpose, and make a difference – and an income- by becoming self-employed or setting up a business?

    Karen discusses the importance of the clarity of your business vision – and having a plan!

    Watch the Video:

    For more information on the type of coaching Karen offers ‘Fabpreneurs’ go to http://primetimebusiness.co.uk

  10. You can reinvent your career and start a business in your 50s – or 60s says Dr Lynda Shaw

    Interview with Dr Lynda Shaw Your fifties is the ideal time to set up your own business and it may help to keep you healthy according to Cognitive Neuroscientist and Business Improvement Strategist, Dr Lynda Shaw, at a time when the UK still faces rife ageism in the workplace. This is a topic we cover frequently here on Fab after Fifty – as we explore the best ways for us to make the best half of life – not forgetting that for many of us we have to work beyond 50 out of financial necessity, as well as for enjoyment- and for many self-employment appears to be the only option available to us. Dr Lynda Shaw says the UK is seeing a wave...
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