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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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Dating over Christmas: Save your Dating Adventures for the New Year

Article by Olga Levancuka

Christmas, lights, festivities, caroling!  Everyone is out and about. Shopping, cuddling, hugging, kissing and smiling.

And here we are, happy by ourselves. We know where we are with everything in life, we are comfortable with what we’ve got, yet with the New Year approaching, we feel that we have to set some kind of resolutions. We feel energised, full of expectations for the year ahead and even ready for a challenge. If you’re single, then dating is probably on your list.

And that is exactly where it should stay at this time of the year.

Let me explain. Christmas is traditionally a time of year when rationale goes out of the window and sometimes we can make bad decisions about things that we think will make our life better and that includes dating but dating isn’t just for Christmas, it may well be for the rest of your life.

Plan your dating for next year

What can you do then? Plan!

This is the time to have a look around you and decide what kind of relationship you want to be in. Look at couples around you: That couple over there is all hugs but no smiles. That couple at the counter arguing about something trivial. And what about that couple in a café? They look smitten with each other, but is it a fling or the start of something serious?

Christmas is the best time for shopping, shopping for what sort of relationship you are looking for!

And once you decide what kind of relationship you want, now it’s time to guess, what sort of activities the kind of guy you want to meet likes? What sort of life lessons he went through already? Has he got kids? Would he still like any? Is he ok with grandkids? Would he like living in the countryside? Once a portrait is drawn (even if it’s in your head), it’s time to go shopping.

Best time to think about the relationship you want

But didn’t you say Christmas is the worst time for dating? Yes, but it’s the best time for shopping for online dating sites subscription packages! Not only do they go on sale, dating sites and dating agencies are also eager to offer promotions to get new clients on board.

Shop around, see if you could get a free trial to browse and notice if the style of their candidates is what you’re looking for. And start ‘stalking’ them. And by ‘stalking’ I mean, keep an eye on them, observe their behaviour, how often they are online, are they taking their profile off and then reposting it? Do they update any info about themselves and so on. If at all possible, sign up (for free only) on a site as the opposite sex just to learn about your competition. While the photos may be intimidating, what you’ll learn soon is how very few are clever about their descriptions or even which photos of themselves they choose. Choose a few to ‘stalk’ and observe their behaviour.

This is your learning curve. And you’ll be up for a surprise and that will help you to approach dating in a much calmer and relaxed manner in 2018.

January is a fantastic time to start dating again, and armed with all the knowledge and bargains for dating sites subscriptions – now is your time to outshine the competition and find the best match for you.

Merry Christmas and a Happy Dating Year!

Olga Levancuka

Olga Levancuka is a world leading life coach and relationship expert. She has coached some of the UK’s most prominent entrepreneurs, celebrities from all across the fame spectrum as well as household political names. She is also the author of ‘How To Be Selfish’. Olga has a wealth of experiencing working with women in their 50s + by identifying their needs and working with them to help them achieve happiness in every aspect of their life.

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