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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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How To Support Your Husband Or Partner With Hair Loss

tips to support your partner through hair loss image

Hair loss or male pattern baldness is very common. Men that are approaching their 50s usually begin to lose their hair somewhat rapidly. However, some men also begin to lose their hair in their early 20s or early 30s. This is also quite common as the bald gene is dominant and if you have a family history of baldness, you stand a high chance of losing your hair as well. For women who are married or with their boyfriend or husband that is losing his hair, it can be quite sad to witness them begin to have confidence issues. You may have never seen your husband act so timidly before, unsure of himself and unhappy with the way he looks. We always attribute that kind of psychology. So you may be bewildered and unsure how you can help, but we have explored some ways in which you can.

Professional lifestyle changes

It’s a well-known fact that elevated levels of stress can greatly affect hair loss. Many people who have high-level positions in companies or are working many hours a week, are more likely to lead a stress-ridden lifestyle. So we recommend that you take it upon yourself to have a serious but calm conversation with your other half, and see if he can do something about this. Men are very highly driven by their careers so be mindful about what you are asking him to do. You may find that doing some research on the topic in scientific journals or websites, maybe a good idea.

Although we love them, sometimes men can be stubborn about their health. Backing up your advice with some hard evidence such as studies in stress-related male baldness could pull him over to your side. 

Personal lifestyle changes

It may be that his work is going great. So could it be that he suffers from stress in his personal life? If you are with a man who may have anger management concerns, maybe they have a rocky relationship with their parents or your children, this could be a time to start a conversation. Stress in one’s personal life has just the same effect on us, as a highly stressful job might. It leads to hair falling out or becoming grey much sooner than it should. 

Going for walks together, getting a dog for the house or simply approaching these issues in a different way could help stop hair loss in your husband.

Speak to your doctor

Just because male pattern baldness is common, doesn’t mean you cannot go to see the doctor about it. It’s very easy to blow this off, but speaking with your doctor could be the best thing to cease or slow hair loss in men. Your GP might recommend you take Finasteride which is a well-known and trusted treatment for hair loss in men as well as women. This drug is also listed on the NHS website as one of the leading treatment options which have been used for many years now. 


Women are used to wearing wigs and you may think nothing of it. But men are very cautious of doing the same. For one thing it’s easier for women to pull it off and no one is any the wiser when you walk past them wearing hair that isn’t yours. But for men it’s a different matter. Unless you go for a fitting of a wig it may be difficult to convince him. So if you can, take measurements of his head, as you would for a hat, and then have a wig specially made for him. Wigs are a cheap option and they can be reassuring for some men.


Emotional support

Perhaps the most important thing a woman can do for her man who is experiencing hair loss is to be there for him emotionally. Put yourself in his shoes. For women, having a shapely figure makes them feel feminine. For a man, his thick shiny hair makes him feel young and strong. When men are losing their hair, it can be a real sharp cut to their masculinity. As wives and girlfriends, we should show our men, they are still as attractive as ever if not more. Some men look weathered, and rugged as they age, and have faces of experience in life. If you find him more attractive as an older man without hair, let him know! 

Male pattern baldness and hair loss are concerning for many men. Some make an emotional dive or others may be in denial. You can be their light of hope by offering them these solutions and being there as emotional support.



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