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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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Over 50 and going grey? Natural hair tips and tricks.

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It’s been said that with age comes wisdom. Another trait that seems to come along with getting older is grey hair. While it can be hard to avoid this reality, once you’ve learned about it, you’ll soon start to embrace this beautiful change. 

Let’s dive into some frequently asked questions relating to grey hair to hopefully make these changes more understandable.

What causes grey hair?

Scientifically speaking, gray hair occurs from the lack of melanin. As your hair starts to lose this pigment, it continually grows lighter. This is why you generally go through various different shades such as gray, silver, and then white. 

When your hair starts to turn different shades, this signifies that it’s slowly losing melanin and eventually will totally lack it once it reaches the point of white. 

Some people get gray hair very early and the reason behind this is generally their genes. Our genetics have a big effect on how our body reacts to certain things. In some cases certain vitamin deficiency or a health problem may also be the case of early graying. 

Effects of grey hair 

Gray hair is often a lot more coarse and gives off a wiry texture as compared to before. This generally results in the hair being slightly dryer. Depending on your hair prior to it losing pigment, and aside from the texture, not much should change. 

Two other effects that sometimes occur are frizziness and thinness. Having been brought out previously, grey hair generally causes dryness which leads to frizz. This can easily be fixed through the help of moisturizing products. 

Thinning hair and hair loss overall is quite common with age. While this is the case, there are still some steps you can take that can aid in growing thicker hair naturally

Tips and tricks for styling grey hair 

Moisturization is key when it comes to styling grey hair. One of the effects of grey hair, as we have talked about, is that the hair texture starts to change. When the hair becomes dryer and more wiry it can be difficult to style the hair. 


This can be easily fixed through the use of products such as hair masks and moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Supplements or another great way to help the health of your hair which in turn helps with styling. 


Taking the right supplements can help with the protein found in the hair as well as help with hair loss. Having healthy thick hair is almost always desired, whether your hair is grey or not. 

Why ditch the hair color?

Overtime, hair colour can cause damage. Oftentimes when women age it can be difficult to embrace the changes and they stick with what they know. While it’s common to continue coloring the hair after it’s lost pigment, it is healthier for you to embrace your naturally grey hair as opposed to coloring it. 

Can grey hair be reversed?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to reverse grey hair; there are no current treatments available to undergo this process. If you truly want to avoid grey hair, you can always color the hair to your natural color but to keep in mind this will require upkeep. Another possibility is to add highlights to lighten the hair so that the grey still has some dimension.

The bottom line

Grey hair is beautiful! It’s more than likely going to take some getting used to but it’s something to embrace. 

While your hair may get dryer and become a little more thin, rest assured there are ways to combat this. Doing more research will make you feel all the more confident and be happy with these new changes.


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