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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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How To Make Your Backyard Look Like A Resort

garden entertaining ideas

Although you may want to go on vacations regularly, commitments and hectic routines tend to take over. However, you can bring the ideal holiday destination right into your home!

There are several ideas that can get you started on creating a resort-like backyard to host parties, family picnics, or just to relax and unwind on summer evenings with your favourite book.

Whether you have a large budget to spare or looking to keep it minimal, you can still create a dream backyard that will be your favourite destination.

In fact, it is possible to DIY your way into transforming your backyard into an exciting escape from all the stress and work of the day.

Here are some easy hacks that can help you bring a resort to life in your backyard.

  1. Use Soft Artificial Lights to Set the Mood

Great lighting is an essential part of creating the right atmosphere for a resort. Don’t use bright and harsh lights but instead invest in softer lights that can set the mood.

Not only will lights bring a soothing resort-like ambience, but they are also a great way to provide illumination should you continue late into the night.

You can have in-deck decking lights fixed into patio composite decking boards, pool globes, hanging lanterns and bulbs, spotlighting tall trees, among many other options.

  1. Add an Outdoor Umbrella and Decorative Throw Pillows

Do you want the luxury resort vibe in your backyard? Then outdoor umbrellas can bring the desired experience.

An outdoor umbrella can completely change how your backyard looks. Add some colourful throw pillows with stylish furniture and a few fresh towels stashed in a poolside basket for the ultimate resort-like feeling.


  1. Fill Garden with Oversized Potted Plants

Another way you can give your backyard the resort feeling is by adding large and oversized potted plants.

Consider plants that do not require too much professional maintenance and can withstand high temperatures.

  1. Use Outdoor Lounge Chairs

For those who have a pool area, lounge chairs can amplify the resort and vacation ambience you want in your backyard.

If you don’t have a pool, consider adding one as long as it will not strain your budget. Remodel the pool area with a decked poolside to add the plush and lavish feeling of upscale resorts.

  1. Share Moments With Your Family

You can make picnics and family gatherings at your background even special by sharing moments that are peculiar to you and your loved ones.

This could be pictures from an infamous family trip, some paintings by the kids, among many other things that conjure pleasant memories for your family.

  1. Add a Water Feature

Although a pool in your backyard is important in creating the resort feeling, you can consider adding a few water features if you can’t afford the pool.

If you already have a pool, you can still add a water feature. There are some DIY water features you can add that will not strain your budget.

You can create a homemade water fountain or invest in readymade ones. Sconces and beautiful urns can also match a wide range of resort themes.

  1. Create a Play Area for Kids

Think about the kids too. Consider creating a play area for the younglings with water slides, in-ground water features that can soak them and a place they can play hopscotch or any of their favourite outdoor games.

Besides the play area for kids, you can also get board games like chess, monopoly, scrabble, etc.

  1. Add Fire For After-Hours Lounging

Is there such a thing as a resort vacation without fireside conversations under the stars?

Relaxing and enjoying your backyard doesn’t have to end when the day is over. A fire-pit in your backyard means you can continue sharing drinks and tales with your loved ones until the wee hours.

You can add a modern outdoor fire pit to give your backyard the air of a luxury resort that creates the perfect place to relax under the starry skies. You can place one in the centre of a seating area or poolside.

  1. Consider Adding an Outdoor Bar

Outdoor dining is a must in resort holidays, so it’s time to bring that to your backyard too.

If you are looking to stay within the budget, then outdoor bar carts that can be wheeled around would be ideal. Stock up with good liquor and some non-alcoholic drinks for the young ones too.

You can absolutely bring your dream resort generation into your backyard, and it won’t take much, so start creating!



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