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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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How to Make the Most of Business Networking Opportunities

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Networking is important for many people in the business world. Who you know and who you’re in contact with can dictate the opportunities that come your way. Knowing the right people can help you move onwards and upwards, taking your business in directions that you might not have even thought possible.

So next time a networking opportunity in the business world comes your way, you should make the most of it. The question is how you do that. We’re going to go into details today and take a closer look at some of the things you can do to ensure you get the most out of each and every networking opportunity that arises.

Go Into it With Clear Goals

First of all, you need to go into your networking events or meetings with some clear goals laid out before you. Of course, you don’t need to let everyone else know what these are, but you should be clear in your own mind about what you’re trying to do and what you’re trying to achieve. If you can do that, you’ll find it much easier to stick to your brief and focus on making positive things happen as a result of your networking activities.

Listen Before You Speak

People often make the mistake of thinking that networking is about doing a lot of speaking, but that’s not the case at all. In fact, in many instances, you’ll find that it’s much more valuable and effective to listen to what other people have to say. You should always give them the opportunity to talk first and then be the person who listens, takes an interest and organically introduces the thoughts and ideas that you want to get across. Don’t suck all the air out of the room by talking constantly because no one wants that.

Be Prepared to Start Lots of Conversations

If you’re going to be heading to a particular networking event or an event where you want to make your business better known to influential people, you’re going to have to be prepared to start lots of conversations. This is something that can be quite challenging for some people, but it pays off in the end. You can’t simply wait around for people to strike up conversations with you because it doesn’t always work like that. It’s best to put yourself out there and be willing to start those conversations.


Have Business Cards That You Can Hand Out Whenever Necessary

It’s important that the people you hold discussions with are able to take something away with them to remember you and remember your discussions by. Failing to do this will only make it more difficult for you to build on those early relationships. You don’t want a half hour conversation to fritter away into nothing because that person forgot who you were two weeks later. Using printed square business cards that you can give out for people to take away with them solves this. So that’s something you should definitely consider.

Dress to Impress

The way in which you dress will have a big impact on how you communicate with people and the impressions you give. If you look messy and like you just rolled out of bed, you’ll be giving negative impressions to the people you’re trying to connect with. It’s impossible to build lasting business relationships if people don’t take you seriously and don’t see you as being professional. So be sure to put some thought and effort into your appearances.

Learn How to Politely End Conversations at These Events

As well as being willing to start conversations, you also need to sometimes be willing to end them as well. This is especially true at bigger and busier events where you have lots of people that you want to talk to and only a short amount of time in which to hold those conversations. Knowing when an interaction has run its course in meaningful terms and how to end the interaction politely is something you definitely need to learn how to do.


business over 50 networking image


Make Notes

Making notes throughout the event or occasion can really help you and your business. Meeting a lot of people is tiring and you’re not going to remember everything and everyone that you talked to. But if you take notes, noting down any contact information you get, as well as a bit about the information you talked about, it’ll make your life a lot easier later on when the time comes for you to follow up on these interactions with people.

Be Sure to Have Fun and Enjoy It

Networking should never be dry, dull or boring, even if these are words that people often think of when they think of networking. If you want to get the very best out of your business networking experiences, you need to make sure that you’re having a good time and enjoying it. You’ll find that the experience is much more positive in terms of the eventual outcomes when you’re having a good time and enjoying the process of meeting and talking with people.

Be Sure to Follow Up

Finally, you do need to make sure that you’re following up with the people you meet sooner or later. Networking is a complete waste of your time if you’re not maintaining the business relationships that were formed at these events or occasions. Be sure to find the most effective ways of following up and having meaningful conversations with the people that you meet. That’s something that will be different for different companies. It’s all about finding the way forward that offers the best benefits and rewards for you.

Now that you know how to make the most of your networking opportunities, all that’s left to do is put these ideas into action. Never shy away from an opportunity to meet people and network because you never know how those contacts might be able to aid and benefit your business plans in the future.


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