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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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  1. How to Prepare Yourself for Retirement

    Graduating from a lifetime of labour to one of leisure is a major lifestyle change and a huge shift in anyone’s day-to-day routine. The transition can be made a whole lot easier with the aid of some simple planning in advance. This incorporates not only getting your financial house in order (obviously a very important part of the change) but also taking the time to prepare yourself emotionally for retirement. The tips below will give you an idea on how to go about getting ready for your last ever P45. Make sure your savings are adequate It might sound obvious, but not putting enough aside to enjoy a comfortable retirement is the number one mistake made by retirees. This handy pension calculator from Nutmeg allows you...
  2. 5 Ideas For Retirement Investing

    Article by Kiera Reynolds When you’re setting aside money for retirement, typical investment strategies don’t always apply. When you’re looking to build up savings for the long-term and generate enough investment income to take you through the longer retirements more people are enjoying today, there are some unique concerns Unfortunately, there’s no official rulebook or set of tips that will definitely pay off in a productive retirement portfolio. However, there are some general strategies and ideas well worth considering, so long as you keep in mind that every individual’s investment outlook is different. 1. Plan For Longer Retirements I touched on this briefly above, but it’s worth emphasizing a little bit more. While there are a lot of pessimistic outlooks of late discussing the fact that people are having to wait longer to...
  3. Are YOU affected by the increase in State Pension Age? Have Your Say- A Petition

    Article by Ceri Wheeldon   Were you expecting to be eligible for your state pension at 60? If you were born after I’m sure that like many other women living and working in the UK, I always expected to receive my state pension at the age of 60. I became aware in 2011 that changes in legislation meant that the pension age was being increased ( there are several articles on the site referencing some of the changes) , although I hadn’t appreciated until very recently that some of these changes had in fact been made in 1995 – most of us just weren’t aware.  Back in 1995 we hadn’t really harnessed the internet or social media as a source of information in our daily lives! In my own case...
  4. Women, money and retirement – interview with Jill Shaw Ruddock

    Interview by Ceri Wheeldon Women, money and retirement Jill Shaw Ruddock is the author of ‘The Second Half of Your Life’  , inspiring women to rethink ageing and growing older. Viewed as a manual for second half of life, Jill wanted to open the discussion regarding the freedom the second half of life, and living through and beyond the menopause can bring.  Jill has also founded the Second Half Foundation, a centre where those in the second half of life can come together and avoid the isolation which can be prevalent in later life. I asked Jill about her thoughts on finance in retirement. What prompted Jill to write her book Open up the dialogue to act as springboard to the second half of life. Hormonal...
  5. Plans for your pension and retirement? Top tips from the experts with Legal & General.

    Article by Ceri Wheeldon Major pensions changes came into force this week, and planning for retirement has never been more important. Yet finding useful and easy-to-understand information about your pension can be half the battle. That’s why I recently took part in a live Google Hangout as part of Legal & General’s #Moneyhangout series. It was a chance to ask questions directly to Legal & General CEO Nigel Wilson and an expert panel, including Michelle Cracknell of the CEO of The Pensions Advisory Service, Independent Financial Advisor James Dean and TV expert Jasmine Birtles from Moneymagpie.com. You can read more about the series in this post here. The panel had some fantastic suggestions to help you plan for your retirement. For example, one great tip was to treat your...
  6. A move abroad is more than bricks and mortar

    Article by FabafterFifty With six million British nationals planning to head overseas when they retire], the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) is teaming up with ‘A Place in the Sun’ to urge UK retirees and others considering a move abroad to think long-term and plan thoroughly.   According to ‘A Place in the Sun’, there has been a swing back towards more established destinations since the global downturn, with Spain, Portugal and France proving to be particularly popular – both for buying a second home and full-time relocation.  For many, moving to foreign climes to settle down in a place with warmer weather, different scenery and a change in lifestyle is an appealing prospect.   But there are many things to consider to help ensure a smooth transition. Despite the importance of being prepared...
  7. Health, skills, confidence and right attitude needed to be employable over 50

    Article by Ceri Wheeldon We’re living longer, and working longer- some of us continue to work through choice, and others through financial necessity. With the state pension age edging closer and closer towards 70, whereas at one point as we approached 50 we might have anticipated slowing down in our working lives- now at 50 we are practically mid career. But how do we ensure that we remain employable over 50?  Most of the readers here know me as the founder of Fab after Fifty- what many don’t realise is that I have had a career for more than 25 years as an international hunter, working on assignments in the UK, US, Canada and across Europe – so I do know just a little about what employers look for during the recruitment...
  8. Why are men happier in retirement than women?

    Article by Fabafterfifty It’s official – men are happier in their retirement than women. A new study has explored all aspects of retirement and found that for men, the twilight years are amongst the best of their life. Men thoroughly enjoy getting their teeth into new hobbies and interests, and are happy to spend time chilling out at home. In contrast, women are more likely to spend their later years worrying about their lack of income, and feeling frustrated at the need to watch every penny. Women are also more likely to feel lonely in retirement, wishing they lived closer to their family. Stacey Stothard, Corporate Communications Manager at Skipton Building Society which commissioned the study of 678 retirees, said: Although many women do enjoy their retirement, this study shows they tend to...
  9. Is Retirement Bad for You?

    Article by Jan King What with the Filkin Report ‘Ready for Ageing? published in March, and today’s publication by the Institute of Economic Affairs’ (IEA) new study ‘Work Longer, Live Healthier’, retirement is a hot topic. The two reports dovetail nicely with one another. Filkin found that the fixed retirement age was no longer fit for purpose, and that our understanding of what ‘old’ really means is way out of date. He and his Committee urged governments and companies to do more to encourage flexible working for older workers. Retirement can damage your health The IEA’s report takes Filkin a step further by proving that retirement can damage your health. After the initial euphoria following retirement and that wonderful feeling of being...
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