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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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  1. The Making of Her – Two Different Sides of Women over 50

     Article by Susie Nott-Bower It’s not often that I stay up all night to read a book I had just started – but that’s exactly what happened when I read The Making of Her , Susie Nott-Bower’s first novel. I’m going to say which of the two key characters I saw myself in – those who know me can probably guess! I have asked Susie to tell us a little about the thinking behind her book. Enjoy…Ceri 🙂 “Fifty is the new thirty,” I said.  I’d read these wise words in a magazine full of images of underage, underweight models. “Fifty,” Clara replied, “is the new geriatric, at least in my game.  I’m well past my sell-by date.  Not only on the shelf, but shoved to the very back of it.”   This conversation between...
  2. 6 Top Tips for Life from Women over 60 given for Younger Generations.

    Interview with Sarah Dale. As  psychologist Sarah Dale approached her 50th birthday, she wanted to better understand how life was viewed by women in their 60s and beyond. With this in mind Sarah set out interview a number of women over 60 to understand their philosophy and life, friendship, acceptance, confidence and deciding on priorities in life in their 50s and beyond. Sarah shares all the wisdom of these women over 60  in her book, Bolder and Wiser. In this video interview Sarah shares the top 6 lessons she has learned through her interviews with this special women, all over 60, who have taken the time to share their experience gained over six decades. As  always, do share with friends who you feel may benefit from the tips given . A link to Sarah’s fabulous book...
  3. Are You in High Heel Heaven?

    Review by Ceri Wheeldon Are you addicted to shoes? Anyone opening my cupboards or wardrobes will probably think I am! What is it about shoes that draws us in? If you are addicted to heels then you’ll love Tracy Martin’s latest book High Heel Heaven. As Tracy explores the history of shoes , talks us through Vintage, Tribal, Artful, the shoes of the 50s and 70s, and how shoes have evolved. There is ultimately a shoe for everyone, the book is full of wonderful images of shoes. and includes wonderful shoe quotes such as: “Give a girl the right shoe and she can conquer the world” Marilyn Monroe. We all know women who are remembered for their footwear – Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City, the interest taken in Teresa May’s leopard print...
  4. How to Stop Blaming and Start Changing

    Article by Adrian Kirk Are you the kind of person that makes change happen or do you hope that someone else will do it? Gandhi famously said: “Be the change you want to see in the world”. If we want something in our own world to be different, then we mustn’t wait for others to change it for us; we must be willing to take action ourselves. I’m sure you’ve heard people complaining about things they experience around them: queues in the doctor’s surgery, local government building plans, the behaviour of young people these days; we’re good at talking about these things but how willing are you to change them? We’re quick to blame external sources and circumstances: the system, family, the weather; you name it we’ve become well practised at placing blame on external factors. But what...
  5. Creating a Healthy Life The Art and Wisdom of Howard Murad, MD

    Review by Ceri Wheeldon Dr Howard Murad is well known for his pioneering skincare range. I attended the launch  of his latest product (Pore and Line Minimizing Hydrator – see review), and was impressed by his refreshing approach to towards his products, beauty, and life in general. Rather than stand at the front of the room and talk about the latest potion that would banish all wrinkles – he instead talked about how no cream would turn back the clock, but how a healthy lifestyle, diet and positive attitude to life would have immense benefits when it came to what Dr Murad refers to as ‘Youth Building’ – a much better phrase than anti-ageing! Dr Murad has a passion for painting, as well as a passion for life, and he...
  6. Heels of Steels – a must buy book and career guide for your daughters!

    Review by Ceri Wheeldon So often there is talk of a lack of positive role models for young women, who often believe that success equals celebrity, and the route to success is reality CV. There are other ways, and there positive role models. Vanessa Vallely’s Heels of Steels is both a frank  -and also a guide for young women starting out in their careers. Essentially the book is in two parts – one an account of Vanessa’s own journey, and the other a guidebook for women starting their careers. Vanessa epitomises how being hard-working, open to opportunities, and being focussed can lead to success.  Her account of her own career journey is open and honest, she covers the downs as well as the ups, and talks about the difficulties of trying...
  7. Taking responsibility now for a healthy future and positive old age, interview with Linde Taylor

    Article by Ceri Wheeldon Interview with Linde Taylor, author of ‘The Book’ My recent review of  the television programme How Not To Get Old generated a lot of comments regarding disappointment in a programme on ageing which seemed to focus only on appearance, with fairly drastic measures to regain youthful looks. ‘What’s wrong with ageing gracefully’ many asked. ‘Why was there no coverage of ways in which to change our lifestyle in order to live a healthy productive old age?’ That’s why I was delighted to be able to interview Linde Taylor, author of ‘The Book’. Linde has spent 4 years putting together the ultimate handbook for living a healthy life, putting you in control of your...
  8. Take that Gap Year – you know you want to!

    Article by Jo Carroll Should you? Shouldn’t you? Can you really? The most difficult thing about taking a Gap Year is that first decision to go. We are, naturally, more cautious than young people who can sling rucksacks on their backs and head for the airport. A thousand reasons why you ‘can’t’ may plague you. Underneath them is that little voice that persists in telling you that you can. Give that voice some air, and you’ll find the decision easier. I gave up work in my mid-50s (thirty years in Child Protection is long enough). I sold my car, let my house, and set off with little more than optimism and a notebook. Here are a few of the lessons I learned – some of them the hard way...
  9. Helena Rubinstein, the Woman who Invented Beauty Book Review

    Review by Ceri Wheeldon For any woman looking for inspiration in business, I can highly recommend, not a ‘how to’ book, but a biography of one of the early pioneers of the beauty industry, Helena Rubinstein.  Helena Rubinstein is described by many as ‘The Woman who Invented Beauty’ What a formidable woman, not to say a true visionary.  From humble beginnings and armed with a determination to have a better life and not to be married off to a suitable man selected by her own parents, she made the brave decision to leave her native Poland and head off to Australia. Here she soon recognised that the pots of cream created by her mother, could be the saviour of the skin of Australian women exposed to the harsh...
  10. Best Knickers Always: 50 Lessons for Midlife

    Article by Rebecca Perkins. Coach Rebecca Perkins shares her personal journey that led her to write her book, Best KnickersAlways: 50 Lessons for Midlife Life isn’t always (and let’s be honest never will be) sunshine and roses, and living in a perpetual state of nirvana would probably become stifling and boring. By the time we’ve reached midlife we’ve all faced our challenges—some of us more than others and some of us more than our fair share. Courage and resilience, however, come from our ability to get back up again after we’ve tripped and fallen over life’s obstacle course. Getting back up again is a choice. We always have that choice. So, we get to midlife and we face transition. Those of us who are parents come to realise that our children do not...
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