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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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Lulu shares her hair tips – we can all have fabulous hair over 50!

Lulu hair tips for women over 50 imageArticle by Lulu

For better or worse I seem to be known for my hair!  I have always been fascinated by hair and when I was younger wanted to be a hairdresser – I would do my mother and sister’s hair for them on a Saturday night (whether they wanted me to or not!).  I remember my mother’s comment when I married John Frieda  . . .’FINALLY you have your very own hairdresser!’  I have to admit I am a little obsessed so I thought I would tackle some of the questions I get asked all the time . .

How do you get hair to look full and bouncy?

Well, it starts with a great cut.  That’s essential.  My hairdresser, Kevin Moss at John Frieda, gives me a cut that creates fullness and volume – he tweaks and nips and the cut is always sensational.  Then it’s all about the products. You HAVE to have great products that will give your hair life and bounce without leaving it sticky and lifeless.  Over the years I have tried and tested almost every product there is out there and know exactly what works and what I need.  All that knowledge and blood, sweat and many tears went into my own hair care collection, Operation : Glam . As we get a little older our hair can become thinner – Operation : Glam contains procapil to give hair volume and bounce.  My secret weapon though, is the Operation : Glam High Profile Thicken & Lift Spray (150ml / £16.00).  A couple of squirts of this magical volumising resin at the roots as you blow dry will leave hair bouncy and natural looking all day and night, even as you brush!  This works even under hot lights and during Strictly – so I know it works!

How do I get what I need from my hairdresser?

A great hairdresser is worth their weight in gold!  I am so lucky as I have a genius of a hairdresser – Kevin Moss at the John Frieda salon.  Kevin gets me and understands how I want to look – and that takes good communication!  You have to make sure your hairdresser knows exactly what you want – too often, you can be talking at cross purposes.  One person’s ‘wavy’ may be another person’s ‘curly’.  I would advise taking some pictures along to show exactly what you have in mind.  And be firm.  Over the years I have come across many hairdressers who don’t really listen – they have a fixed idea in their head and that’s what they’ll do, almost on autopilot, so you must be able to tell them if it’s not going the way you have in mind.  Hairdressers are not mind readers – they do need clear direction!   And once you find someone who listens to you and you feel good when you leave the salon – never go anywhere else!!

Am I too old for long hair?

For me, it’s less about length and more about your face shape and getting a cut that really flatters it.  If you feel good with your long hair – keep it! Look at Jane Seymour, she is 60 with long, straight hair and looks fabulous!  I think that whether you want short or long hair, layers are sexy and can give your hair movement.  Layers are a great way to experiment without sacrificing length completely.  Even if your hair is short, layers give you some swing.  But no one over 30 should have short layers cut in the top.  It’s one of the most ageing looks you can have.  Another thing that that I have written about in my book and in my blog, is that as we get older it is important to look at our hair COLOUR.  Any extreme colour, either very dark or very light, can be very ageing and unflattering.  Stick with natural-looking tones and consider returning to the hair colour of your youth.

Can I get away with roots like Madonna as I get older?

This is the million dollar question!  I think with any look like this, the rest of you has to be impeccable . . . and this look, while seeming effortless, actually takes a lot of talent and time to get right (unless you are 16 or a pop star and then you can get away with anything!).   Madonna’s general confidence and high fashion look means she can look great even with artfully unkempt hair.  I’ve always had hair envy with Madonna and have told her so!  If you do want to try it, my main piece of advice would be make sure your hair is beautifully styled and you have a pulled together look . . . don’t make the mistake of being generally unkempt or you will end up looking like a bag lady!

What’s your failsafe tip for a bad hair day?

On a bad hair day, if I am not working – I wear a hat!  This covers a multitude of sins.  If I have to look presentable – I put an emergency call into Kevin, my fabulous hairdresser at John Frieda.  But sometimes ladies, only a hat will do . . .

Note: Operation : Glam hair care is available at www.victoriahealth.com and www.lulusplace.co.uk




Lulu needs no introduction! With a music career spanning 4 decades and founder of a successful skincare brand (Time Bomb), Lulu offers her tips on reinvention and living life to the full!

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  1. Diane Priestley

    March 16, 2012

    This is a great articles about hair! I’m a big fan of long hair and still wear mine long and blonde at 55! I intend to still be blonde in my 80s! Thanks Lulu!

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