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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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How to update your look in your 50s

how to look stylish over 50 imageArticle by Fi Ivin

Mirror, mirror on the wall…

I don’t know about you but grey, damp mornings do not inspire me to jump out of bed with alacrity! Safe in the knowledge that I prepared well the night before, I frequently give myself an extra minutes to savor the warmth of my cozy bed. Increasingly though I wish I hadn’t, as in spite of my best preparations the night before, come the morning, I struggle with what to wear. The clothes so carefully chosen the previous day don’t seem to work today. I begin to wish I had stayed in bed after all!

Sound familiar? And yet here we are on Fab After 50 wanting to feel, to be just that -FAB!

Are you a lost cause? Should you squirrel yourself away with a blanket over your knees, into permanent hibernation? Not on your Nelly. No. Take heart! Some of it is about approaching things from a different perspective.

So, from the perspective of someone who has always had something of a female Peter Pan about her and has been brought up sharp by what the mirror is reflecting back at this particular phase of life, some tips:

 Tips for updating your style

1)  You may notice mood playing a greater part in how you see and feel about yourself from day to day-so clothes laid out the day before no longer work the next morning! You may notice a need too, for greater comfort in your clothes both in their shape and the feel of the actual fabric. Some of this is noteworthy, some a ploy to get you to abandon all and hide under that cosy blanket of shapeless clothes! Don’t do it! Women are more youthful now than they have ever been and 50 is not the time to be donning elasticated waist bands and shoes like snow shovels. There are several brands around for bodies adopting curves and they are GORGEOUS. – Phase Eight, Sahara, Crea Concept, Hoss Intropia, Zara, Sandwich, Toast, Whistles, Banana Republic, Jaegar, Sarah Pacine, Hobbs and are just a few of the names to go and have some fun with. Schoon in Marylebone, London and Bath, Somerset stocks a fabulous selection of different brands including some of the above and I have found it to be great for clients with some curves and lots of curves. For t-shirts for layering and warmth M&S (thermal underwear section), H&M and Top Shop are great.

2)  You’ve reached an age when your hair can make or break you. Young hairdressers may not always realise your needs as a woman growing into maturity if they are solely focused on current trends. If necessary, change to someone who “gets” the ageing process and can work with you.

3)  If you have had colours and style “done” in the past, rigidly sticking to the rules may no longer serve quite so well. As your own particular canvas softens – your colouring, your body shape, maybe even you as a person, it’s time to change your perspective in relation to your clothing too. Shifting roles can also require a shift in your “look”. I once worked with a lady with bright intense colouring who was moving from a corporate management role into counseling. Her new role benefitted from selecting softer colours from within her palette rather than the full wow of her season’s brighter, stronger colours. It is worth revisiting the process as you and your life, change.

4) Speaking of fun – if your personality is sufficiently quirky you can still have fun with your clothes. Iris Apfel is in her nineties but take a look at her here: http://pinterest.com/bgbg1/iris-apfel-style-icon/

5)  The key is not to look like mutton dressed as lamb. If your style personality is classic you will have different priorities!

6)  Accessories can become your best friend at this stage of your life. If you find yourself less able to carry off some of the statements of style or colour you previously made, an accessory can do it for you more appropriately. It may be a bag, shoes, an item of jewellery which speaks for you allowing you to maintain a more simple elegance with clothes.

Remember: “Fashion fades but style lingers”.





I’m an author, speaker and independent consultant in personal development working with women aged between 40 -60 who have lost their sense of value and purpose because of changes to their personal lives or careers. I engage with them to re-launch their lives. I work with them to develop and grow their confidence by working with them to update their image and use psychological and coaching tools to get them to a point of “Wow this is ME! This who I am and what I can achieve.”

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