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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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Choose To Cruise: Here’s 10 Reasons Why!

best reasons to cruise over 50 image

There is a lot going on in the world right now and most of the exciting options such as taking a holiday or seeing family and friends are out of the question. This doesn’t, however, stop us from planning trips that make us happy! One way to enjoy a trip away is by going a little more unique and booking a cruise. They’re becoming more popular these days and it’s so easy to see why.


With amazing entertainment, even better food and the chance to explore different places in the world, a cruise should be at the top of your 2021 travel wish list. It’s a holiday that really appeals to those who love a little variety in their trip and if you’re still on the fence about why you should take a holiday on a cruise, check out our ten reasons below.

  • You get to see more than one place. When you choose a resort holiday, you get the chance to see one country most of the time. When you’re on a cruise ship, you get to stop at multiple destinations. You can start every day eating breakfast with a new view out of the window, and even on the days you’re at sea, you get to get up and walk around the deck to get a new view. You can see so many new things day to day and you can hop on and off the ship at each port to explore.
  • The food is just fantastic. Restaurants on a cruise ship cover a range of different cuisines and ships like this are so known for their range of choice! So many ships out there have more than one type of restaurant on board, too, so no matter your tastes you’ll find something that you want to eat. There are sit-down meals and takeout meals, afternoon teas and breakfasts to die for. The best bit? It’s all included in the cost!
  • Unpacking just once! On a normal road trip, you are unpacking and repacking your bags over and over again. When you take the chance to go on a cruise, you are going to only unpack your bags once in your cabin. This means you’re not spending all of your time packing and unpacking between destinations.
  • Brand new activities on offer. How many times do you get the opportunity to join a Rome tour of the Coliseum? Or paddle on a Bali beach? Exactly! Cruises can take you around the world and there are even specific cruises for Disney – perfect if you have kids or are a big kid at heart. Trying out new activities and tours in each location is just one of the pleasures of being able to take a cruise. Even if you don’t want to join a tour or go skydiving, you can still hop right off the ship and go for a lazy walk around the shops!
  • The entertainment. Cruises often lay on Broadway-style shows right there in their theatres, and they have a cinema on board so that you can watch a newly released movie, too. Along with this, there are comedy shows, bands and singers to enjoy and you can even try new cocktails at the bar as you please!

  • Ticking the bucket list. A cruise allows you to discover new places you may never have spotted on a map. Going off the beaten track and exploring is a big part of the fun of going on a cruise. Don’t go too far, though, as you need to make it back in time for your ship to get back onto the water again! When you discover new places, you can choose that as your destination in the future!
  • The chance to relax. There are some days on a cruise where you will spend time at sea. These days are perfect for going for walks around the deck, heading to the spa for a massage, working out in the gym and catching a show. You get to dictate all of the things that you want to do on your cruise holiday and the ship is just as much fun as all the destinations you plan to head to.
  • Meeting new people. When you are on a cruise – especially alone – you will meet a lot of people who love to explore and unwind just like you do. Many people will have been on cruises before and you can introduce yourself to have a chat about all of the destinations they have been on before! They’ll also be able to give you amazing advice for going on your next one! The chance to meet new people is one reason single people head out alone on a cruise.
  • You can have fun with the whole family.
  •  as much as they do adults. From childcare rooms to slides and shows, there are even rock climbing walls that children can enjoy going on, too! Every stop offers a chance for them to enjoy a new culture and new foods – just like you. Cruises are an epic choice for the whole family.
  • The chance to pick anywhere to go. You can take your pick over any location in the world when you choose a cruise. From the Fjords to the Sydney Opera House, you can take yourself anywhere in the world on a cruise ship!


Cruise ships are loved by some and hated by others, but the main point of a cruise is to relax, unwind and feel as if the world is truly at your fingertips. Cruises allow you to discover new things about yourself as much as they allow you to test new places, new foods and enjoy shows that you wouldn’t usually get a chance to enjoy. Take the time to plan your cruise properly, and you will be able to enjoy destinations that you never explored before. Where would you go if you could choose to cruise anywhere in the world? Take the chance and book it now so you don’t back out!


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