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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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3 Things You Should Know Before Getting a Rhinoplasty

3 things to know before having rhinoplasty image

Nose jobs, or rhinoplasties, are one of the most common plastic procedures performed in this country. However, very few people truly understand how they work. There are some important precautions you’ll need to take before and after the treatment. There will also be limitations on what you can do during recovery and you might have to reorganize your life during that period. There are also cases when you might not be the best candidate for the procedure, or have unrealistic expectations. Let’s take a look at a few things you should know before getting a rhinoplasty.


You Can’t Get Just Any Nose

So many people gone into a surgeon’s office with the picture of a celebrity whose nose they would like to have. But what they don’t understand is that their facial structure has to be able to accommodate it. You may have significant structural differences that would make it impossible to get a certain type of nose. This is something you will need to accept, so you should start looking at other options.

Sometimes, it’s better to let the doctor make the recommendations. It also helps to work with a doctor who is familiar with your type of face. If you’re from a specific ethnic group, working with a surgeon from the same ethnic group, or who has performed multiple procedures on people from your group will be able to make better suggestions and get better results.

The Recovery

Recovery is one of the toughest parts of getting a nose job, and what you do during that period will make a big difference in the results. First, know that it will take up to six weeks to fully recover from the procedure. You can expect external scars to disappear after a week. During the recovery period, you will have to restrict your activity, but you should be able to get back to your everyday activities after about three weeks.

If you’re worried about scarring, know that there are plenty of things that you can do to reduce the occurrence of rhinoplasty scars. One of them is to not smoke or drink alcohol after the procedure. You should also refrain from practicing activities that could cause a spike in blood pressure. However, know that scarring should be barely visible if it happens and it should only manifest around the columella; the part that separates the nostrils. If there’s excessive scarring, this can be treated with steroid shots, but it’s rarely needed.

You May Have to Get Additional Procedures

There are some cases when you may need to have additional procedures performed to bring balance to your face. A doctor might recommend that you get a chin augmentation to balance the rest of your proportions, for instance. This might not be something you expected or wanted, so you’ll have to speak about that with your doctor before you go through with the procedure.

Rhinoplasties are important procedures that are rather invasive. This is why you need to understand their risk, what will be expected of you in the weeks following the procedure, and what you can expect to get as far as results go.


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