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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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Article by Esther McCann a.k.a. missmanifesther

how law of attraction works for women over 50 image

If there’s one thing lockdown has done, it’s opened people up to nurturing their mindset because they’re recognising that their emotional wellbeing is just as important as their physical health.

In addition to wellness practices like mindfulness and meditation, manifestation has emerged as a leading mindset and spiritual vehicle for living a positive life and creating the reality you want. Even in a pandemic!

For those who are unfamiliar with the Law of Attraction (LOA), it’s the basic principle that like attracts like, that what we believe about ourselves we become, and what we keep focusing on (good or bad) “manifests” in our reality. For example, when you seem to be spiralling and it’s one thing after another vs when you’re on a roll and everything is snowballing in your favour, that’s the LOA negatively and positively in action.

What is the Law of Attraction?

LOA is one of many universal laws like the Law of Gravity, it’s consistent and it’s certainly not just for millennials and Gen Z who are jumping on the practice of manifesting their desires. Women over 50 are also embracing what LOA can do for them. Popular choices are manifesting money, career opportunities, your soul mate, more confidence and even body changes. Karen Johnson says:

“Understanding LOA has given me the tools to help me to get to where I want to be. I have started to attract money in and I’m on my way to creating my own business, something I didn’t have the confidence to do before “.

To begin manifesting results in your own life, you just need to set an intention for what you desire, but start with something believable so you build faith in the process. There are plenty of manifestation rituals out there but ultimately the magic comes from within you to visualise and emotionally connect into what it would be like to receive your manifestation.

Pull out your journal and always start with writing the words “Thank you for” as if your manifestation is already received. LOA responds to you already feeling that you have it, not that you lack it! For example, if you’re calling in a new career opportunity, consider and feel the specific emotions it will give you and write a statement such as, “Thank you for my new career where I feel valued and connected”. Easy peasy!

After our intentions are set, we must trust the unfolding journey but there is a manifestation misconception that we can only “think positive” which promotes dangerous toxic positivity. We should healthily release emotions that need to be heard and loved as they arise, rather than pushing them down and pretending they aren’t there, which only creates more resistance in our mind and body.

As such, manifesting is supported by holistic healing techniques such as Hypnotherapy and Emotional Freedom Technique to help release any limiting beliefs we have or emotional patterns that keep us repeating the same behaviours and cycles. Denise Mortimer, Rapid Breakthrough Coach, who started her business after 50, says:

“We are always manifesting. We just don’t always LIKE what we are manifesting. When we get intentional and clear out any old stuck emotions, THAT is when the real party starts. Intention is everything!”

Doing the Inner Work

When we do the inner work, we are then able to programme our subconscious minds for success with empowering beliefs that make us magnetic energetically and give us confidence to take action.

Because LOA doesn’t mean being lazy and not taking the baton when the Universe hands it to you. After setting your intention, if you see a stepping stone of opportunity, it’s your responsibility to put your energetic focus there and to say “yes! I want that!”.

Ultimately, if you’re sat on the spiritual fence, LOA is a lifestyle. It’s a daily decision to make loving choices for your highest and greatest good. Those choices can look like meditation, exercise, speaking kindly to yourself, looking after your money, and anything that brings you joy, confidence, peace, or excitement. This makes you a magnet to miracles! The term “high vibe” does not mean you need to be revved up, going 100 miles an hour on some sort of constant emotional high. It’s about feeling a positive spectrum of emotions, and sometimes that just looks like Netflix and chill.

What is this teaching me?

Harnessing LOA will not mean we are immune to challenges, but we can approach life’s dilemmas from a new perspective of “what is this teaching me?” and “how can I grow through this?”. Whatever your spiritual outlook is, the “contrast” aka difficult experiences, always birth new desires in you to move forward to find something more aligned.

To the woman who is so uncomfortable in her marriage or perhaps is in the storm of divorce, your life does not end here, there is something else on the other side of this for you to claim.

And for the woman who may have found her work drying up during the pandemic, or has lost her passion, you have all the skills inside you to create something new from scratch or to make a complete career quantum shift.

Anything is possible, and at ANY time in our lives we can choose something new for ourselves, we can start afresh, and we can choose joy. Your world expands proportionately to what you believe is possible for you and what you know you are worthy of.

So if you could ditch the inner talk that holds you back and manifest anything, what would it be? Be limitless!

Esther McCann law of attraction image


Esther McCann is a Law of Attraction Coach & Spiritual Mentor. To learn more about her coaching and programmes go to  www.missmanifesther.com


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