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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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Harnessing your Superpowers over 50 with Claire Walton

Article by Claire Walton

superpowers of women over 50

I’m 52 and a high-performance coach working with Executive Directors, Senior leaders, and entrepreneurs. I have held all these roles. My main role in life now is to share what I have learned and to help others stop getting in the way of their Highest Potential Self (HPS). I recently published a global bestselling book, ‘Super Neuro You’ to make accessible to anyone some of what I do to help clients.

I used to stress about getting old. At age 21 I remember telling some middle-aged women I would rather die than reach age 50. Not only was this insensitive but also very ignorant and sad.

That said, I celebrated my 50th Birthday on a 2-week holiday in America with my daughter and my best friend. On the day of my 50th, I ziplined down Freemont Street, went to a VIP pool party and took a helicopter trip across Las Vegas. I felt absolutely amazing and even if I say it myself, I looked amazing when turning the big 50! I was and I still am a Super Neuro version of me.

Accessing my Superpowers

In the years between 21 and 50 I have learned how to access my superpowers:












At age 50 I had achieved a lot, a successful first career as Executive Director and a second career as a high-performance coach. I had also raised an amazing young woman single handed after a difficult relationship and divorce when she was young. I had navigated the dating game in my 30’s and 40’s and enjoyed a variety of relationships until settling down at 50 with my 31-year-old partner.

My third career

My third career as author has just begun with the release of my book, ‘Super Neuro You’ – achieve more success for less stress and make a difference for yourself and others. I have loved creating the innovative concept of the book, the character, the story and all the coaching exercises for the reader. I have enjoyed being curious and learning about the writing and publishing process and now all things PR and social media. I had the courage to share some of myself in the book and to take a few risks, mastering the fear monster and caring less what the critics might say. I have grown in confidence in my abilities, so much so my second book is already starting to take shape.


The last 4 months of writing and publishing the book have been stressful, but in a good way. We all need a certain amount of stress (or let’s reframe this as challenge), to be our HPS. Without a challenge I would get bored and lose my positive energy and enthusiasm that fuels me. I had to make conscious choices to ensure I didn’t become too stressed. I was clear on what I wanted to achieve, and I created a plan to get me there. I chose to devote 2 days a week to the book and 3 days to clients and to relax at the weekends. I chose to say NO, to anything that wouldn’t progress the book during this time. This still meant saying YES to anything that would help me be my HPS, to access my superpowers and therefore perform at my best.


I had to offer myself self-compassion from time to time as being in my 50’s I fall into the role of care giver to my elderly mother, alongside my brother. My mother and I have had a difficult relationship over the years, and she is now suffering from poor mental and physical health. For me to be my HPS to provide what she needs and provide what my partner, my daughter, my friends, my clients need I must be kind to myself and prioritise my needs. One way to get what I need is to spend time connecting with what is important to me: people I care about, fresh air, exercise, a hot bath or hot tub and a good massage.

This book writing period was also during lockdown and has been a busy period supporting clients with their stressful roles and raising funds for the domestic abuse charity (My Sisters Place) that I support. It was also during winter, a season I used to hate. Despite this, I loved this time. I was in my element. I was a ‘Super Neuro Me’.

The value of half a century

The value that half a century or more on this planet gives us should never be underestimated. We have had long enough to experience ups and down and twists and turns and there is so much to be learned from each of these, provided we choose to reflect and learn and do something with this insight. Many of my very capable clients come to me because they are stuck in some unhelpful patterns of behaviour that are making life more stressful and less successful than it needs to be. We unpick these patterns; learn from the positive patterns they have also adopted and sprinkle in some new practical tools for good measure. My clients tend to be around middle age and we use their life experience as a foundation for our work together.

Second half of life

The second half of our lives can be so much more fulfilling than the first half. It is far from downhill, and at the same time not an uphill struggle anymore either. I like to think of it as operating on a totally different plane altogether. We are neither victims of our past or slaves to our future. We have so much wisdom to share with others and yet we can become even more curious and openminded, exploring the world with less of a concern about who we might become and what others might think. We are unique human beings who can make such an amazing difference for ourselves by stressing less, consciously boosting our superpowers and creating a positive ripple effect for those around us.


I challenge you to embrace being fab after 50 and give our younger generation something to aspire to rather than to dread. If you are struggling with being over 50 perhaps you could read my book for some inspiration and some powerful tools and techniques to help you find your superpowers and boost them to create “Super Neuro You”.




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