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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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How to Play Your Mother of the Groom Role Perfectly

mother of the groom image

 A wedding is one of the most important milestone celebrations in a person’s lifetime. So, the occasion should be given much attention and value by the engaged couple and the people around them. But, out of all the persons involved in planning a wedding, the groom’s mother is in the oddest spot. She can feel a strong impact of pressure to stage a beautiful wedding, yet she finds herself in a place where no responsibilities are defined, unlike the mother of the bride. So, how does a mother of the groom determine how much of her help is needed?

Reach out to the bride and her mom

 A wedding is a merger of two families. Unification should be the goal right from the beginning. Therefore, connecting with the bride and her entire family must be worked out soon after announcing the engagement. Aside from sharing the excitement of the good news, it is a time to express your willingness to participate in planning the wedding. Keep an open communication line with the bride and her mom to identify your role in the process.

Plan the rehearsal dinner

 In most cultures, it has been a tradition that the groom’s mother, together with her husband, plans the rehearsal dinner. The event joins both families and allows them to get together before the wedding. It is set the night after the final rehearsal and could be anything from an informal barbecue to a black-tie affair. If you are planning a sit-down dinner, it might be wise to check out ideas from https://houseofpartyplanning.com/category/wedding-suppliers. It is a fantastic resource for elegant wedding ideas, complete with the perfect suppliers that could help you put together a glittery event.

Keep yourself available

 Apart from the rehearsal dinner in which you are in charge, the rest of your participation in planning the wedding depends on what the bride might ask you to do. Make yourself available, so if ever the bride asks you to be with her during wedding dress fittings or food tastings, you will be able to join.

Take care of yourself for the big day

A favour you can do for your son to be truly happy on his wedding day is for you to look good and be at your best. Do not let yourself get caught up with the stress of the occasion. Remember, you will be walking alongside your son on the aisle, which means you get to share the spotlight with him. Find a dress that will appropriately showcase your best features as it does your role in the wedding. Of course, you should aim to look good, but you must also remember not to go overboard and overshadow the bride and her mother with your outfit.

Your son’s wedding day is a momentous occasion. Your role is nothing more than to guide him and his bride-to-be to enjoy the wedding of their dreams (and do what you might be tasked to do). Playing your role as his mother as you did all these years is your best clue on how you should take everything from the engagement and towards the wedding day.




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