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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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Ideas on How to Remember a Loved One

Remembering a loved one image

Saying goodbye to a loved one is never easy, but finding a way to properly memorialise their life can help you to process your feelings. As time passes, you might find that you are thinking about your loved one less and less, which can lead to feelings of guilt. It’s important to give yourself space to move on, which is why a proper memorial can provide the space you need to grieve. 

The right memorial will be there when you need it but will allow you the space to move on when you are ready. Here are some of the best memorial ideas to help you feel more connected to your loved one after they have passed away.

Plan a memorial service

The funeral and wake can often feel overwhelming and rushed, so you might not get the closure you need from this traditional goodbye. Planning a memorial service a few months after the funeral can help to bring people together again and help you to take the time to remember the good times. 

Planning something for a year after your loved one’s death will give everyone the time they need to grieve, so when they come together again, they will be ready to share the good times.

Scatter the ashes somewhere special

If your loved one chose to be cremated, you may be left wondering what to do with the ashes. Scattering them in a special place will give you a place where you can return when you need a quiet moment of reflection. 

Choose a quiet beauty spot, a lake or river to scatter the ashes in peace. You could mark the spot with a plaque or a bench, or you can simply make a note of the spot so you’ll always know where to return to.

Create a memorial keepsake

If you would prefer to have something on your person at all times, a piece of jewellery containing the ashes of your loved one would be an ideal memorial. When you have ashes made into jewellery, you’ll always have the essence of your loved one close by

A tactical piece of jewellery can bring comfort and reassurance in times of need. And when you feel that you need less reassurance, you can put the jewellery somewhere safe and turn to it for quiet moments of reflection.

Create a piece of artwork

A memorial doesn’t have to be something that you keep with you at all times. You could also choose to create a memorial that you display in your home. Glass artwork containing the ashes of your loved one would make a stunning addition to a contemporary home. 

For something more traditional, you could choose a portrait of your loved one. You might not be ready to display this in a prominent location straight away, but as time passes, you might feel the portrait becomes a source of comfort.

Create a memory box

Some people don’t like to be reminded of those who have left us. Instead, they like to gather up the things that mean the most to them and keep them in a special place. Creating a memory box is an excellent way to help process your grief. You could fill it with photos, mementoes from trips taken together, small items of clothing and other special trinkets. 

You could also commission a small keepsake token containing the ashes of your loved one so that you’ll have a little bit of their essence with you. You can turn to your memory box in times of need, but when you need space to move on, you can put the memories out of sight.

Plant a garden

Planting a garden in honour of your loved one is an ideal choice if you love being outdoors. You could also plant a mini indoor garden if you don’t have a lot of outdoor space or want something more manageable and moveable. 

Fill the garden with your loved one’s favourite flowers, or simply create something that brings you joy to look at. Tending a garden is very therapeutic, so it can help with the grieving process. And when the garden is finished, you’ll always have a special place to sit and reflect on memories of your loved one.

Closing thoughts 

Finding a way to remember a loved one after they have passed away doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Often, it’s about creating a space where you can sit and reflect. 

Surrounding yourself with reminders of your loved one at all times can make it difficult to grieve, which is why it is helpful to compartmentalise your grief. Dedicating time and space to remembering your loved one will help you to process your feelings and move on over time, rather than feeling that you are trapped by your memories.


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