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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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  1. Can parents take advantage of ‘freshers week’ to refresh their homes

    Article by Fab after Fifty   Is time to refresh your home AND generate a little extra cash to contribute to the extra cost of having a child at university? Rather than store unwanted items in the loft, or consign to a skip, why not sell online ? As students settle in at university, new research from eBay.co.uk shows that parents are taking advantage of their own (re)fresher week, using the start of term to freshen up their empty nests. A  fifth (21%) of the 2,000  polled parents saying they’d be decluttering or redecorating their home;  with one in ten planning to sell unwanted clothes, toys or kit. More than 20% will wait less than six months to turn their child’s bedroom into something else; one in twenty have plans to convert it...
  2. Top Tips for Buying a Car.

    Buying a new car is both exciting and daunting at the same time, unless you’re a car expert and a genius at negotiations. If you are neither of these and are feeling apprehensive about looking or approaching a dealership, fearing that you’ll choose the wrong car, or miss out on a great deal because you simply don’t know what’s what, then help is at hand. This guide will tell you how to go about buying a car, successfully. Try before you buy Going for a test drive is vital – you may like the look of the car you’re after but if you realise that you hate driving it only after you’ve signed on the dotted line, then you’ve either got to sell it...
  3. Setting up a business in your 50s: Cheap or Free Resources

    Article by Ceri Wheeldon With so many free resources available to help launch new business – or grow existing ones – there has never been a better time to set up a business. I set up (and sold) my first business when I was in my early 30s. Both the initial investment and commitment were significant. Setting up a business 25 years ago. Rental of office ( in my case a serviced office) A PC and laser printer , ISDN lines, graphic design fees, printing costs for brochures , letterhead and cards, postage, phone calls, staff costs, marketing, advertising, Just my PC and printer cost more than £6000. My PC probably did less then than my smartphone is able to do today. To set...
  4. Do you have the right level of travel insurance to meet your needs?

      Holidaymakers with pre-existing health conditions looking to travel abroad are being advised by The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and Association of British Insurers (ABI) to ensure they are properly insured. The advice includes researching the right insurance options, understanding the potential cost of not being adequately insured and giving a detailed and accurate medical history to insurers.   A medical emergency abroad can be extremely expensive if the traveller is not adequately insured for pre-existing conditions. By taking out the right travel insurance, the cost of emergency medical treatment should be covered if they become ill or are injured abroad. Travel insurance buying tips shop around to find a good price and the right product rather than opting to travel without cover cheaper policies will usually have less cover – for some...
  5. Have you written your will or do you keep putting it off until later?

    Article by Dr Lynda Shaw Do we avoid writing our will? Dr Lynda Shaw discusses some of the reasons why we might be putting it off and why we fear our own death. Our culture’s preoccupation with suppressing feelings and fear of facing our own mortality means Britons are not successfully managing their will and estate, Is it the fear of death? So what is the psychology behind our fear of death? To put it simply, it is the fear of the unknown or the terror of the emotional impact that there is nothing. There is a psychological concept called the Terror Management Theory. This focuses on our fear and possible denial of death despite knowing its inevitability. We try to hide from the...
  6. 5 Tips to help navigate money during a divorce in our 50s and 60s – free webinar

    Article by Helen Collier I’m delighted to be writing for Fab after Fifty women out there.  As a money coach I’m on a mission to help women who find managing money stressful and anxiety provoking. I help them create financial lives they can be proud. Recent reports have shown that divorce rates for the over 50’s and even more so the over 60’s are rising. Whatever the reason what is certain is that very rarely will anyone be better off financially after the divorce than they were during their marriage.  If this is where you find yourself or you have a friend in that position, read on.  Whether we chose divorce or we have divorce forced upon on us here’s a few tips to help you through as...
  7. Property Options for the Over 50s

    Introducing Susan McNally Susan is joining us to talk about property issues over 50. She is looking forward to your questions to be answered in future articles. Your’e in your 50s, maybe even older? Do you find yourself wondering how long you have left to enjoy your life to the full and whether you should really be living in that big old house or even little old house, but in a different place? And that brings me to thinking about what do we really want now we’ve reached the 50 age mark or beyond.   Idon’t know about you but I feel exactly the same as I did when I was 30 and they were my best years by the way.  So of course that means the rest of my life hopefully will...
  8. Are your children relying on a future inheritance to pay off their debts?

    Article by Fabafterfifty According to a new survey*, the majority of Brits ‘expect’ to receive inheritance from their parents – but in reality four in 10 won’t get a penny. The findings emerged in a study of 2,000 adults, and show that while 75% of people aged 20 to 35 hope to receive a windfall when their parents pass away, they look set to be disappointed In fact, the average person assumes they’ll get in the region of £78,000 when mum and dad pass on, so are in for quite a shock. A fifth of children over the age of 20 are hoping their parents’ wealth will sort out all of their money problems, and have completely shelved all financial plans for the future as a result. It seems that  49% of parents...
  9. 7 quirky money saving tips from a superscrimper

    Tips from Eithne Farry We all like to find ways to help our pennies stretch further, so here are some quirky money saving tips from Superscrimpers Eithne Farry Keeping House Waterproof an old umbrella Over time umbrellas can lose their waterproofing. A quick way to restore it is with cheap hairspray. Spray the umbrella liberally, and head off into a rain shower. Shiny shoes These simple solutions will keep your footwear looking like new. The outsides of banana skins contain potassium, a key ingredient in commercial shoe polish. Rub the skins over the leather, and then buff with a soft, clean cloth Head to Toe Beauty Oat For glowing skin it’s really important to exfoliate away the dead skin cells. An oat mask is just the thing to ditch dullness. Mix oats (any kind)...
  10. Is 50 too late to plan for a secure financial future?

    Article by Ceri Wheedon Is our generation teetering on a financial precipice .With a report out today highlighting the fact that one third of us are not saving for our futures, what are our options, and is too late, in our 50s, to create a secure financial future for ourselves? Many of us who had anticipated retiring at 60 have had to face the fact that we will now have to work until our late 60s and possibly even our 70s before we are able to draw a state pension. Also, with adult children needing financial help for longer, often seeing us as the ‘Bank of Mum and...
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