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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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  1. Dresses with sleeves: Red for the festive season


    Style pick by Ceri Wheeldon

    coast red lace dress

    I love the simple lines of this red lace dress. The bell sleeves add a contemporary twist to a classic style. This is a timeless dress foe ageless dressing to look fabulously stylish over 50.

    Add heels and a neat clutch bag . This dress will take you from lunch with girlfriends to Christmas parties with a just a quick change of accessories. I would wear with dramatic drop earrings  for parties to turn on the glitz.

    Cost: £119 (reduced to £95.20 at time of writing) from Coast


  2. Style over 50: 7 of my favourite Little Black Dresses

    Article by Ceri Wheeldon It’s that time of year when I take out my Little Black Dresses to dress up (or down) for the party season. I’m always tempted to add another to my collection- here’s a selection available to choose from at the moment.   I love the simplicity of this dress from Gorgeous Couture – it doesn’t have sleeves but it does give coverage at the upper arms – I think this is a great timeless classic to have in the wardrobe   Cost:  £139 from GorgeousCouture.Com     This Bardot style dress has looks chic AND covers the arms, it also has ruching to help minimise tums. ...
  3. Lorraine Kelly on designing clothes for women over 50

    Article by Ceri Wheeldon I met with Lorraine a few months ago at the start of her venture with JD Williams – we talked all things about life and style over 50 and of course clothes!! At the time Lorraine’s own designs weren’t available to buy – they have been for a while now , but when I met with Lorraine she was keen to stress just how hands on she was in the process and the amount of thought she gave to each of her designs.  There was one dress in particular that I really liked a) because I loved the freshness of the colours b) it has sleeves and c) the detail on the back. ...
  4. Stylish over 50:How style a little black dress a look for cool evenings

    Video by Ceri Wheeldon     Another way to get more wear out of those clothes we have accumulates in out wardrobes by the time we hit our 50s. Once again a way to take that sleeveless black dress to create a look for a winter dinner party – or restaurant meal when you need to add a little extra warmth.   For this simple look I’ve added a set of mesh sleeves ‘under’ and a faux fur gilet ‘over’. I love my costume jewellery – I’ve added one of my craft fair finds – a chunky leaf on a long chain. The effect of the long chain creates a strong ‘v’ , drawing the eye down and creating the illusion of a longer neck – helpful to those of us who might be developing an extra chin as we get older! The dress I’ve used in the video series is...
  5. Style the Little Black Dress with an Animal Print Blouse for a Sophisticated Daytime Look

    Article by Ceri Wheeldon Looking stylish over 50 needn’t cost a fortune if we simply make more use of the clothes we already have in our wardrobes. Here we have another look for a little black dress.   This is the same sleeveless dress (from Ceme London)  I have been using throughout the video series. This time what I’ve done is I’ve really tried to create a look I think which is pretty great for work. again I have looked at what can be worn under the dress rather than over.  I’ve taken an animal print blouse which has plain leather cuffs and a leather collar and popped it underneath. For an extra detail I’ve added a  very simple necklace, again to draw the eye down and create an illusion of a longer neck. And there we have a very simple daytime look for a little black...
  6. Daytime look for Little Black Dress – add a scarf with a difference! Video feature

    Article by Ceri Wheeldon   So here we are again, another in our video series about how to wear one very simple, sleeveless black dress in many different ways.   As you can see here, what I’ve done is I’ve taken that black dress (from Ceme London which is sleeveless. We’ve added some sleeves underneath, as you’ve seen in a previous video, But sometimes we don’t always want to wear our dresses dressed up for evening or special occasions. We want more versatility to get more wear out of the clothes we have and create a more casual look  for the little black dress as well.   What I’ve done here is I’ve quite simply added a scarf. As you can see by the scarf I’ve selected , scarves don’t always have to be...
  7. How to style a little black dress: wear mesh sleeves UNDER your dress (video)

    Article by Ceri Wheeldon We often look at what we wear over our little black dress – but what about what we can wear under the dress? In this video I put some mesh sleeves under the dress. There particular ones are by Gina Bacconi but there many available in various colours and designs – including lace. These are great for extending the wearability of those sleeveless shifts we all have in our wardrobe – and covering bingo wings! I hope you enjoy the video. I’m looking forward to sharing more ‘little black dress’ looks.   The black dress I have used throughout this video series is from Ceme London.  They...
  8. Look stylish over 50. How many ways can you style one little black dress? Video series

      Article by Ceri Wheeldon Just to make a change from my usual dresses with sleeves series, I have taken one, sleeveless black dress (from Ceme London) and started a video series to see just how many ways it can be styled. We all like to look stylish over 50, but we don’t necessarily want to spend a fortune, which is why I decided to see just how versatile a simple black dress can be.   We all have that black dress in our wardrobe that probably doesn’t get worn as often as it should, so I have set myself the challenge of seeing how many different looks I can come up – for day, evening, casual, formal. I have accessorised with items from my own wardrobe- mixing...
  9. Dresses with Sleeves for Winter

    I have had a lot of requests for some winter style dress picks – here are 7 of my favourites – spanning a wide range of prices – just to get started.   I love this body hugging bandage dress. The neckline is very reminiscent of Grace Kelly while the cut if the dress is fresh and modern. Add a splash of colour with heels, a clutch, and chandelier earrings 🙂 Gina bacconi bandage dress .  £210 from John Lewis   Something for the festive season. This black dress creates a slimming silhouette while the gold lace around the neck and sleeves ‘lifts’ around the face, and is far less draining – and ageing than wearing solid black around the face. ...
  10. Another dress with sleeves to add to your wishlist!

    Article by Ceri Wheeldon A dress to look fabulous over 50. The original version of this dress was incredibly popular when I featured it a few months ago. but now it has become dressier with the addition of lace across the bodice and sheer lace sleeves. The lace sleeves help make the dress perfect to transition from day to evening with a quick change of accessories. The scoop neckline helps to create the illusion of a longer neck and the drape of the dress is incredibly flattering for most figure types, and I love the hidden pockets in the drape. ...
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