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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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  1. Look stylish over 50. How many ways can you style one little black dress? Video series

      Article by Ceri Wheeldon Just to make a change from my usual dresses with sleeves series, I have taken one, sleeveless black dress (from Ceme London) and started a video series to see just how many ways it can be styled. We all like to look stylish over 50, but we don’t necessarily want to spend a fortune, which is why I decided to see just how versatile a simple black dress can be.   We all have that black dress in our wardrobe that probably doesn’t get worn as often as it should, so I have set myself the challenge of seeing how many different looks I can come up – for day, evening, casual, formal. I have accessorised with items from my own wardrobe- mixing...
  2. Dresses with Sleeves for Winter

    I have had a lot of requests for some winter style dress picks – here are 7 of my favourites – spanning a wide range of prices – just to get started.   I love this body hugging bandage dress. The neckline is very reminiscent of Grace Kelly while the cut if the dress is fresh and modern. Add a splash of colour with heels, a clutch, and chandelier earrings 🙂 Gina bacconi bandage dress .  £210 from John Lewis   Something for the festive season. This black dress creates a slimming silhouette while the gold lace around the neck and sleeves ‘lifts’ around the face, and is far less draining – and ageing than wearing solid black around the face. ...
  3. Another dress with sleeves to add to your wishlist!

    Article by Ceri Wheeldon A dress to look fabulous over 50. The original version of this dress was incredibly popular when I featured it a few months ago. but now it has become dressier with the addition of lace across the bodice and sheer lace sleeves. The lace sleeves help make the dress perfect to transition from day to evening with a quick change of accessories. The scoop neckline helps to create the illusion of a longer neck and the drape of the dress is incredibly flattering for most figure types, and I love the hidden pockets in the drape. ...
  4. Who said dresses with sleeves have to be boring? Glamour over 50.

    Article by Ceri Wheeldon Women over 50 ‘do’ glamour so well. You only have to look at celebrities over 50 on the red carpet to see how they can they really set the standard when it comes to glamour. With or without wearing dresses with sleeves! But how easy is it to find a dress that is age appropriate, looks glamorous AND covers those arms? I came across this dress with sleeves from Coast – I think it’s fabulous. I love the chiffon sleeves which have a wire style frill hem for glamour and movement. Fabulous and fun. Very ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’. With hair and statement pearls and earrings this dress could not...
  5. Dress for Day to Evening in a Dramatic Colour over 50

    Article by Ceri Wheeldon I love dresses that can take you from day to evening just by changing accessories. This shift dress from Baukjen has flattering three quarter length sleeves, a keyhole neckline and a some ‘stretch’ in the fabric to fit and flatter all day. I have shown it here in peony pink – because who wants to be invisible over 50 but the dress also comes in black. Make a statement. Stand out from the crowd at any age. For daytime I would tend to wear with a skinny belt , and chunky belt, and midsize heels and carry a structured handbag. For the evening I would remove the belt, wear chandelier earrings (and no necklace, wear dainty kitten heels and carry a clutch bag. Day to evening sorted! The Kingsbridge Shift Dress in ponte...
  6. Prints can be fabulous for disguising lumps and bumps over 50.

      Article by Ceri Wheeldon I have tended to stayed away from prints – typically being drawn to plain dresses and tops and changing the look with accessories. However, having just reviewed some pics from style videos I have been involved in recently – I was amazed how it was the images of me in prints that seemed to best hide my midlife tummy. Food for thought. The eye is drawn to the pattern of the fabric – and not the limps and bumps beneath. Strategically placed print can also serve to create the illusion of slimmer waist and hips. I thought I would take a look at some of the options for prints available at the moment and share them with you. I would love to know your favourites! This dress by Phase Eight available from...
  7. Dresses with Sleeves Dress 28- the best of both worlds

    Dress chosen by Ceri Wheeldon There are times when I would love to wear something a little less structured, but hate being swamped by volumes of fabric. As I am a little busty I prefer dresses which are fitted under the bust or I run the risk of looking like a walking tent. I’m hoping you’ll love dress 28 of the 2014 dresses with sleeves challenge. I think this dress from Isabi offers the best of both worlds. It is fitted to the waist but has a wonderful draped skirt. I was tempted by the sleeveless version of this dress earlier – but as I hate showing my arms was thrilled when they introduced the version with sleeves into the range. I think it’s...
  8. Dresses with sleeves dresses 25, 26, 27 – creating a slimmer silhouette

    Article by Ceri Wheeldon I know . I have been remiss in not posting dresses with sleeves often enough! To make up for it I am posting 3 together, so here we go with Dresses 25, 26 and 27 of the 2014 dresses with sleeves challenge. I posted a panel dress early in the 2014 channel – I know that many of you were disappointed as it sold out very quickly following my post. Here are a couple more – one even has a secret panel to help create an even slimmer silhouette. This monochrome panelled dress (2) is incredibly flattering and looks fresh for the summer. The elbow length sleeves are great for summer ‘with sleeves’ dressing. A fabulous addition to the wardrobe as it lends itself to formal (with...
  9. What to wear under sleeveless dresses

    Article by Ceri Wheeldon I know that I am always trying to feature dresses with sleeves, but today I am taking a slight departure – what about if we want to get more wear from our existing wardrobe including sleeveless dresses yet still keep our arms covered – without wearing shrugs or cardigans. I also find that sleeveless dresses with the option to layer (either under or over) are really versatile for weekends away when you want to travel light but are a little unsure of the weather! We all think about what we can wear OVER our sleeveless dresses when in fact we often forget we can wear things UNDER as well. Here are a couple of the options that I like to get more out of the clothes I already own...
  10. Dress 24 – nautical but nice


    nautical dress with short sleevesDress chosen by Ceri Wheeldon

    Dress 24 of the 2014 Dresses with Sleeves  Challenge. Sleeves don’t have to be long to offer some cover. In summer we don’t always want to wear long sleeves – but a short or cap sleeve can look a little more polished than a shift dress.

    I really like this crisp looking navy and white jersey dress from Apanage. It looks wonderfully chic for a weekend city break – slip on a navy blazer and it’s great for work.

    The scoop neck is flattering – the white waistband has a pull through rope belt and eyelet trim.

    I think this a fabulous take on the nautical look.

    A winner!

    The Apanage Contrast Dress is £139 from Gray and Osbourn


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