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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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  1. Starting a relationship in your 50s

    Article by Dr Lynda Shaw By 2020 it is projected that more than half the UK population will be over 50 and with divorce rates in Britain at a record high, an increasing number of people over the age of 50 are finding themselves newly single, placing them in daunting and unfamiliar territory. Yet according to cognitive neuroscientist Dr Lynda Shaw, the over 50s are happily getting back into the dating scene and are seizing the chance to embrace an exciting opportunity far better than their younger counterparts. Those in their mature years have a wealth of life experience and acquired skills that help them on their dating adventures: “When we are over 50, we will have experienced some serious highs and lows whether it be bereavements, divorces,...
  2. Video Interview: How easy is it to start dating over 50?

    Interview by Ceri Wheeldon There are so many questions asked by our readers regarding dating over 50. I asked Karen Mooney, who set up one of the UK’s longest established introduction agencies, Sara Eden and is also the spokesperson for the Association of British Introduction Agencies  if she could answer the dating questions which most frequently arrive in my inbox. In the first of our series of video interview we cover: Is it too late to start dating in your 50s? How easy is it to meet appropriate men? Is there an upper age limit for anyone wanting to join an introduction agency? How different is dating in your 50s to dating in your 20s? What should we be cautious of in determine if the people we meet are genuine? Are all the good men taken? Are men in their...
  3. Dating online CAN lead to happiness – and meeting a husband over 50.

    Article by Ceri Wheeldon When Brigitte found herself single after her 15 year marriage ended amicably, she was very aware that she was highly unlikely to meet a potential partner through her work (as a teaching assistant) or through her normal social life.  So she decided to take a pro-active approach and try dating online. Says Brigitte “I just wanted to get on with my life and move it forward, and I knew I wanted to meet someone else” It was the best decision Brigitte could have made, as online dating led to meeting her husband Graham. I asked Brigitte how she found the experience of dating online, and to share her personal tips. How did you decide which dating website to join? I decided to join one of the bigger, more established ones (in my case...
  4. 10 dates to avoid like the plague

    Article by Andrea Fritz First dates tend to present many dilemmas for even the most experienced dater – what should I wear? How should I break the ice? But there’s one more question that can make or break your first outing as a potential couple… Choosing where to have your first date is extremely difficult and picking the wrong place could spell disaster. eHarmony UK has compiled the top 10 dates to avoid like the plague so you can start your relationship on the right foot. 10.Shopping centre This is an activity loved by most, but shopping ‘til you drop isn’t a great way to start your first date. Keep your spending habits to yourself for the first few dates and opt for a scenario where...
  5. Fab after Fifty: How to build a successful new relationship in your 50s and beyond

    Article by Cat Williams ‘How to build a successful new relationship’. Cat Williams, relationship counsellor and author of ‘Stay Calm and Content’ explores. As a relationship counsellor I have explored first-hand how relationships develop and mature, and why they sometimes run into problems.  I am often asked if there is a ‘secret’ to building and maintaining a strong midlife relationship.  Here is my answer… The first thing we need to recognise is that when we first meet someone and see them as a potential ‘love interest’ we are immediately assessing how that person makes us feel about ourselves.  We might like their appearance, or how interesting they are to talk to, but only if they appear to like us as well, or ‘make us feel good’ in some way,...
  6. Top Tips for dating over 50 from Dr Wendy Walsh, author of The 30-Day Love Detox

    Interview by Ceri Wheeldon For those of us returning to dating over 50 it can be daunting, especially as the landscape of dating has changed enormously since we first dated in our teens and twenties. I had the opportunity to catch up with Dr Wendy Walsh, psychotherapist and author of several books on relationships, on her thoughts and tips for dating over 50. Online Dating So many people confuse the purpose of online dating. The whole purpose of online dating is to MEET online- not date online! If you do connect with someone online try to meet them as soon as possible. If you agree to talk on the phone, you are not committed to actually meeting that person. Likewise, your first meeting- ideally casually over coffee, should not be thought of...
  7. Over-50 Life-Lover Seeking Same

    Guest article You’ve been around the block, you know the kind of travel you enjoy, the sights you like to see, the activities and pace that suits you. You’ve also likely learned along the way that adventuring with others who share your general-to-quirky preferences is a lovely way to meet people – and sometimes even find love. Unless you’ve had a pretty heavy blindfold on, you also know that there are a lot of travel options specifically designed for singles looking to meet significant others. And for over-50s single travellers, there are oodles of holiday-planners out there designed to help you do just that. One of the many unique advantages about meeting someone on a holiday is that you’re (hopefully) interacting with the...
  8. Stereotypes do not exist when looking for love over 50

    Article by Dr Lynda Shaw  Why do people look for love after 50?  Is it because they dislike being on their own?  Or perhaps they just want someone to go to dinner parties and on holiday with?   Is it because they need someone to help look after the house?  Of course the answers vary depending on whom we speak to, so to find out more I asked a few people and quickly realised that stereoptypes and ageism do not exist. For instance, one chap told me that he used to think he was in love with his wife whom he married in his twenties.   But since their divorce he had met a woman who had really shown him what love truly means.  I...
  9. Fifty Shades of Grey

    By eHarmony There comes a time in every man’s life when he must acknowledge his increasing years and alter his lifestyle. For some situations the correct course of action is clear – no man over the age of 30 should wear skinny jeans; a baby seat won’t fit into a two-seater sports car; and that third pint on Friday night will still be having an effect three days later. However, men are often in a quandary when the first flecks of grey start to show. Do they embrace their faded follicles or restore their locks with hair dye? This common dilemma can strike at any moment. All it takes is a careless remark by a close friend and suddenly each morning is spent counting those pesky silver strands. Wanting to...
  10. 6 Online Dating Tips For Mature Daters

    Article by Liz Looking for love at any age isn’t always easy, but it can be especially daunting when you’re fifty or over.  You might not know where to start or how to meet people you’ll click with. This is particularly true when it comes to online dating, but don’t be quick to discard the idea of searching for love on the internet. It’s safe to say that by now you probably know someone who has found the love of their life online, so why shouldn’t it work for you too?  Here are some online dating tips for mature daters to get you started. 1. Choose your online dating site wisely. There are hundreds of online dating sites on the internet, but it’s important to sign-up with one you feel...
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