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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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  1. Book Review From Fat to Fit by Steve Miller

    Article by Fabafterfifty Published by Vermilion  on 6th January 2011, £12.99 The Simple Way to Transform Your Family’s Health Does your family need to eat less and move more? Hit TV show Fat Families has transformed the waistlines of some of the nation’s fattest families with its simple strategies and no-nonsense attitude.       Transform Your Family’s Health Now you can transform your family’s health with this fat-busting guide. Combining the wisdom from the show’s top diet and fitness experts with the real-life stories of the fat families turned thin, From Fat to Fit sets out a clear, easy and safe plan for the whole family to lose weight permanently. Includes: •    How to calculate your BMI and how much you should weigh •    Simple recipes and meal plans to revolutionise meal times •    Easy lifestyle changes...
  2. How to Choose the Best Jeans for Your Bodyshape-never too old to wear Jeans

     Article by Sam Remer Can you imagine a world without jeans? The world would come to a stand still while it decided what to wear! Denim is such a staple in our wardrobe it would be a real loss if we decided when we reach  50 to hang up our jeans. As a denim expert I can honestly say hand on heart “you’re never too old to wear jeans”.    At your age you should know better? This isn’t necessarily true when it comes to jeans, as it’s easy to get in a denim rut and wear the same pair due to fear of getting it wrong. Jeans have never been so comfortable as a Lycra  mix in denim gives that figure fixing stretch and hold that...
  3. How to choose the Right Sized Bra over 50

    Article by the Nicky Hambleton-Jones style team I must, I must, I must improve my bust! Come on everybody both hands gripping your wrists and press together to get those pectoral muscles moving and repeat the mantra. It is after all only the pectoral muscles that can be exercised to improve the bust area. When it comes to the bust, breast tissue needs support as other than the underlying pectoral muscles it is collagen and elastin which along with ligaments help to support the breast. We all know that puberty, pregnancies, weight and the menopause can all effect breast size. Regular bra fittings are a good starting point There are probably two things a woman wants from a bra – uplift and comfort. Both can be achieved...
  4. Fat Free and Confidence Overload in 2011

     Article by Steve Miller Confidence and weight loss expert Steve Miller is on hand this month offering us his advice to lose the excess weight and crank up self confidence for the year ahead. Tips for a Fat Free 2011   Avoid taking to a restricted diet in 2011 as they rarely work long term. Instead, develop a lifestyle that is conducive a becoming slim and staying slim. Do this by following my five steps:- Step 1 Audit the pantry and the fridge. Throw out the junk and bring in the fresh. Make it colourful and inviting, just like your future will be. Step 2 Be brave and take out of the wardrobe all of the clothes that will soon be too big. Get them ready for the charity shop! Step 3 Go out and treat yourself to a few new outfits a couple of sizes...
  5. Women over 50 highlighted at London Fashion Week

    Article by Fabafterfifty With the fashion industry placing so much emphasis on youth, it is so encouraging to see that at last there is recognition at London Fashion Week that women over 50 DO exist. 2 models over 50, 67 year old Valerie Pain and 80 year old Daphne Selfe are to be included in a photo shoot with internationally  renowned photographer Rankin to promote diversity in fashion  as part of ‘SNAPPED’ a diverse portrait of fashion, the landmark initiative of the All Walks Beyond The Catwalk Campaign,which  takes place on Saturday 18th September Co-founders Debra Bourne, Caryn Franklin and Erin O’Connor, have worked tirelessly on the campaign since launch in September 09.  All Walks Beyond the Catwalk is  an initiative dedicated to promoting the beauty of individuality through cutting edge design...
  6. Grankinis? Women over 50 DO wear bikinis

    Article by Fabafterfifty Grankinis? It seems there is now a term to describe 50+ bikini wearers! Or so I’m told… But do we really want to be referred to as ‘Grankinis’! It seems more women over 50 are wearing bikinis than ever before. A quick poll of our Fabafterfifty experts suggested that wearing a bikini over the age of 50 was all a question of  body confidence. Who can forget THAT photo  of Helen Mirren looking stunning in her bikini , giving a green light to women of any age to wear what they felt good in. The general consensus seemed to be that the style of bikinis we wear today may have changed- ie less skimpy bottom halves and more supportive tops (M&S, Freya, Panache all sell cup size swimwear), but if you felt good (and confident) , why...
  7. Tips to Keep Fit through the Summer Holidays

    Article by Helen Jones The summer brings opportunities to get away and relax.  Whilst it is extremely important to take time to re-charge your batteries and spend time away from your normal routine, it is still possible to keep active so that you can enjoy the delicious foods on offer without piling on the pounds- especially when they can be harder to lose once you reach your 50s!  Here are some suggestions to help you keep on track:  Walking will burn off calories 1.    When you have a change in your normal surroundings, perhaps on holiday, take time to explore your new environment.  Taking a walk around will not only burn off calories and increase physical activity, but will enable you to explore and discover what places the area has to offer.  Perhaps you will find gems off the beaten...
  8. Dukan Diet Day 7

    Article by Fabafterfifty The plus points: I am on day 7, and thrilled to say that I have more energy, can see the results are starting to be noticeable, and am today wearing the ‘snug’ jeans which aren’t as snug as the day I started and are now comfortable to wear. Very motivational! The downside: Something I didn’t mention in my first blog post- I don’t eat meat , although I do eat chicken and fish, so I have found myself getting a little bored and have missed not having my fruit and vegetables. I am looking forward to receiving  the book which apparently offers recipes and a little more variety for the ‘attack’ phase.  I managed to resist all offers of nibbles and the most delicious looking cupcakes which I was offered at an event I...
  9. How do French Women Stay so Slim? Do they all follow the Dukan diet?

    Article by Fabafterfifty I spend a lot of time in France (my husband is French), and it never ceases to amaze me that all the wives and partners of his friends are able to eat well (and seemingly without guilt) when we go to restaurants, and yet they stay so slim. So as I watch them enjoy their ‘fondant chocolat’ for dessert, while I look longingly on, I can never work out quite how they do it! I love to shop, but hate shopping in Paris or Cannes, where the shop assistants look me up and down and reach out for a larger size. I’m a size 12 (UK), yet am made to feel like Two Ton Tessie. While trying a dress on recently, which was admittedly a little...
  10. Who Says Women over 50 Can’t be Sexy?


    Article by Fabafterfifty

    Some women over 50 just seem to defy nature! Mimi Kirk was voted the sexiest vegetarian over 50 – she is an unbelievable 71!
    She looks positively glowing. Her vitality and zest for life are an inspiration to us all!
    I felt I just had to share this with you!

    There is hope!

    A big thank you to Michele Paradise for bringing her to my attention.

    So NOW who says women over 50 can’t be sexy? !!!…

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