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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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Rosy’s ‘Love not Smoking’ update 1 – Preparation

Article by Rosy Holt 

We met Rosy 2 weeks ago when she offered to share her ‘Love Not Smoking  Journey’ with us with the support of professor Karen Pine of Hatfield University (co-author of the book).

The first two weeks of Karen’s  Love Not Smoking programme involves preparation, and a series of exercises to try some ‘Do Something Different’ exercises to give your usual routines a bit of a shake-up, and to start breaking the habits associated with  our smoking. Here’s how Rosy got on:

“ I didn’t smoke as much as I smoked the first time I gave up but it was still between 8 and 10 a day and once on the slippery path it would be so easy for the 8 to slip to 9, the 9 to 10 the 10 to 11 which would be too many for my liking.  The date to give up smoking had been chosen (March 18th)  two weeks ahead  and so I approached  the first step in the two weeks of preparation.

Two weeks to prepare to give up smoking seemed like a long time to prepare and I wondered what sort of preparation would or could be needed that would take two weeks.   I suppose I had imagined goal setting exercises and listing all the reasons why I wanted to give up smoking but I definitely never imagined the preparation would involve a task of eating something new or any form of cooking, but it did.  Some of the tasks I thought quite odd but I could see the purpose, well I tried to convince myself I could anyway, even if at times it was a bit of a struggle.

I suppose most of the preparation was in fact changing habits and trying new things learning about triggers which surely would be able to help when I was used to automatically reaching for a cigarette with my coffee after a meal.

I did do all of the tasks not perhaps the day they were supposed to be done, some had to share a day with another task but they all did get done, how do I feel now that the 14 tasks have been done much the same as I felt before to be honest, “this not smoking is something that just has to be conquered”! ”
Love Not Smoking: Do Something Different by Karen Pine and Ben (C) Fletcher is published by Hay House Publishers

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  1. karen pine

    March 21, 2011

    Well done Rosy, you’ve started on your journey – and I love your conquering spirit!
    Remember the programme gets you to do different things so that those old smoking triggers get less of a look-in. I know you’re a busy lady but the more you can shake-up your schedule the easier it will be to resist the urge to smoke. And we’re right behind you, supporting you and willing you to succeed! x

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