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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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Are YOU a role model?

are you a role model in your 50s imageArticle by Irene Brankin

Are women over 50 role models?

I WILL START OFF WITH TWO QUESTIONS FOR YOU, “Do you see yourself as a Role Model?

Are you being inspirational (quietly or loudly) for family members, friends and colleagues?

I hope the questions have made you think as it is easy to simply say “Yes or No”, and that you’ll take the time to reflect on them.   It is important for us all in life to do just that.

If you have answered “Yes”, then that is fantastic as those who see you, and how you are in life as well as what you have done or are doing with your life have a wonderful Role Model to follow.  You will have given them the inspiration to see how life can be lived. There are so many wonderful role models for us in life from the young through to the old, from all walks of life.

If you answered No, why is this so?   One of the reasons for me, is that I’ve seen so many women spending the first half of their lives trying to please everyone else and putting their own needs last, whether within the family or in their work.  Those with whom I came into contact, professionally and personally, told me, “You begin to lose sight of yourself, your own dreams.  I don’t know who I am any more”.

Most women are torn in two – glass half empty and felt cheated or half full and grateful.  For most, the half empty attitude is the fear of doing something different that causes the pain.  To step outside the norm of their perhaps comfortable box would challenge the fear of failure, of rejection, of disappointment or even the fear of success.  This is what traps women and then this too tight box becomes restrictive and causes tears and pain inside anyway.

Re-connect with the world in new ways in the second half of your life

When this happens, at whatever stage in your life you are at, your brain (never mind your Soul) is asking you to re-connect with the world in new ways.  How you choose to do this will be up to you!

One of the main ways for me is connecting with your inner wisdom.  You learn wisdom through the reflection of looking within yourself and, by observing those you respect as Role Models.  This is one of the reasons to be a Role Model as you give others the courage to go further than they may have dared.  It is also by experience as, when you examine your life, it is that experience that gives you wisdom.

I am also saying that what frees us is Courage – which isn’t the absence of fear but the willingness to break through your limitations – the glass ceiling you put on yourself – and taking action to live our your yearning.

Don’t take life for granted and don’t be one of those who say “one day”.  Make the most of it.  It’s happening right now and not in the future.  It’s worth the effort.

Irene runs day and residential courses for the more mature woman as well as offer 1-1 work. www.thevisiblewoman.com

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  1. Wendy Eade

    September 29, 2013

    I definitely see myself as a role model for women over 50! In 2007 I was experiencing night sweats due to menopause. Frustrated that there was no suitable sleepwear on the market in Australia to keep women more comfortable I embarked on a incredibly challenging but rewarding business idea. In 2009 Eaden sleepwear was launched. I am proof that you can achieve anything at any age. I had been a stay at home mother of four with no manufacturing experience. I am now a business women with a successful business and best of all I am helping my fabulous 50 plus ladies get a better night’s sleep!

  2. Jo Carroll

    September 30, 2013

    I didn’t – till my grandson, introduced to the idea of geography at school, asked me if I’ve been to Australia … and Africa … and India … and America … began to see I haven’t set him such a terrible example!

  3. jill

    October 1, 2013

    I am a role model to my two daughters (27 &29) in respect to fitness and having a positive attitude. I enrolled both my daughter and I onto a boot camp recently which inspired her to eat healthy and exercise. I was the oldest out of 30 and was able to hold the plank for the longest, ha. I am a role model to my clients who seek my advice on resistance training through Pilates and Diet and Nutrition.

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