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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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5 Biggest makeup mistakes women over 50 make and how to avoid them!

Article by Jo Jewett

make up mistakes over 50 and how to avoid them image


I’ve been fighting the fight to give women the right to choose, use and buy the best makeup possible for them- regardless of age or lifestyle.
Its a minefield out there!
After years on the beauty front line I’ve acquired a real perspective – what works and what doesn’t and I’m ready to spill it all!

We have all had enough of the beauty industry preying on our insecurities and we have paid the price with all the  expensive mistakes – the ‘New seasons colours’ and ‘Miracle ingredient’ but even the smartest among us will have been duped by the
industry marketing ploys.

So here I am, telling the Beautiful Truth, I felt so strongly I wrote the book and started The Makeup Training Company – mainly for my girls, over 50.

But first let’s get a reality check, if you are over 50, you have changed and so has your face. What you wore at 20 simply doesn’t suit your skin or your face.
Sure you have a few more laugh lines, perhaps the odd age spot and if the menopause has hit you, or even if not it will so read on, your skin becomes drier less elastic and because of your oestrogen levels – less hair on your head and more
on your chin.

10 steps to transform your make up over 50 image

For now let’s talk makeup over 50.

I’ve been asked about the main 5 mistakes we make.

1 – First it has to be, fear of change. If you are still wearing Teal or blue eye shadow, Fuchsia matte pink lipstick and
orange cheeks they have to go!

2 – Over arched eye brows and trends, the slug brow look doesn’t work.

3 – Harsh lines have to go! Eyeliner, lip liner, contour lines and eye brow pencils, if any of these products are creating sharp lines and hard edges on your face they should be gone from your makeup bag.

4 – Are you wearing too much powder and paint? Wearing heavy makeup brings attention to flaws and wrinkles

5 – Shimmer and frosted eye, cheek colour and high gloss lips highlight wrinkles.

So what should we wear? Firstly great things happen from a small makeup bag so out with the old, be brave!
Be brutal, look at your kit and keep it simple.

make up over 40 image

Use my colourscope colour choice and get the colours that show off your natural beauty. The colour of your eyes, the contours of your face and use less of everything just use it in the right way.
I developed my simple and minimal 10 step Technique to enhance beauty, bringing emphasis to the eyes and creating a natural looking glow to the skin.

“Beauty has nothing to do with age, embracing your flaws makes us more beautiful so learn to love those perceived imperfections, celebrate the age you are – not the age you were!”

Jo Jewett x


You can also listen to Jo talking about her passion for make up and helping women over 50 feel confident in this Fab after Fifty podcast episode 

Jo Jewett

Jo Jewett - Celebrity makeup artist, Author and expert trainer with an exclusive skin care and makeup technique. Awarding her with an unusual level of loyalty from her clients including Princess Diana, Princess Alexandra, Madonna, Barbra Streisand & Bette Midler. Jo’s motivation comes from years making women feel confident throughout life’s challenges and changes. Follow on Instagram @themakeuptrainingcompany

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