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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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Be stylish over 50: Sparkle in Sequins

Challenge set by Julia Rees

tips for wearing sequins over 50 image

We may not feel too sparkly as we work from home in Lockdown, but there is a very simple remedy to add some sparkle to your life. Wear sequins!

wear sequins over 60 image

Whether its all over sequins or just a sequin trim or accessory, its never too late to sparkle at any age- especially over 50. So follow Julia’s tips and sparkle in our penultimate New Year challenge!

Sparkle in sequins

Welcome to day 27  and the last “style day” of the “New Year New You” Challenge, and tomorrow’s challenge is to “to sparkle in sequins”.

We are posting each challenge the evening before so that you have time to prepare your outfit/ your challenge ahead of time.

New Year New You Challenge 2021 : Sparkle in Sequins


style over 50 change the world one sequin at a time image


“I’m just trying to change the world one sequin at a time.”

Lady Gaga


Sequins used to only be acceptable for evening wear, parties and nights out, and it was considered a bit “tacky” to wear sequins during the day.

But, now this fashion “rule” no longer applies and it is just as acceptable to wear sequins for a Sunday brunch as for a Saturday night party! The difference is all about how you style them!

Reasons why you should sparkle in sequins in the day

  • It gives a certain “Wow” factor to your look, and will make you feel confident and glamorous.
  • Adding a little sparkle can brighten up your day (and that of everyone who sees you!).
  • Glimmering sequins can look chic and elegant when paired with everyday basics, such as a black sweater or a pair of jeans. If you’re not brave enough to try full on glam, a sparkly bag or heels will instantly elevate your look.
  • Sequins are a great way to transition from day to night, so are great “shop your wardrobe” pieces

How to sparkle in sequins in the day.

I am a big fan of wearing sequins in the day, as it makes me feel confident and glamorous (in the same way wearing red does).

However, the last thing we want is to look like a 1970s disco ball, or that we’ve somehow missed the party! So, there are a few “rules” to follow to wear sequins in the day.


1 Only wear one sequin piece (ie: Avoid “head to toe” sequins)


Whilst a sequin dress can look fabulous at night, I would avoid wearing it in the daytime, as it is “too much”.

If you have a sequin dress that you want to wear in the day, then I would layer a simple grey, black or navy sweater over the top to “tone down” the sequins.

2 Keep everything else minimal – basic cuts and neutral colours

The sequins make enough of a statement on their own, so keep the rest of your look minimal and basic.

Pair with basic pieces, such as a cashmere sweater, a simple unadorned tee or basic jeans.

Keep the rest of your outfit monochrome and in neutral colours that coordinate with your “statement sequins”, for example, white, beige, navy, grey or black.

For example, I paired this sequin skirt with a simple black jumper, and very unusually for me, I didn’t even add a belt, as the skirt is “enough” on its own.

Keeping the rest of the look simple allows the skirt to be the focal point of the outfit and tones the look down from glamorous night out to casual chic.

Avoid prints and bright colours.

3 The sequins ARE the accessory

When you are wearing sequins, you are basically walking jewellery, so there is no need to accessorise.

Keep your accessories simple and minimal. Shoes and bags should be monochrome and neutral, and avoid any statement jewellery pieces, or you will look like a cross between a chandelier and a disco ball, which is not really the look we are going for.

4 Wear the sequin piece strategically

Just like bright colours, sequins attract the eye, and make that area of the body seem bigger.

So, if you are a pear shape, you should wear a sequin top or jacket to attract the eye upwards and away from your hips and thighs. Conversely, if you want to downplay your bust area, then opt for a sequin skirt.

wear a sequin jacket over 50 image

This tip is similar to my tip on how to wear floral prints – the aim is to use the bold print or sparkle to attract the eye where you want people to look.

5 Pay attention to your colouring

Just because you are wearing sequins doesn’t mean you can ignore your skin colouring, if you’re wearing the sequins close to your face.

If you’re a cool skin tone, then silver-toned sequins will be the most flattering, however, if you have a warm skin undertone then gold will be most flattering.

If you are wearing the sequins on the lower part of your body, then you can choose any colour!

wear a sequin skirt over 50 image

6 Be careful with cuts / styles and opt for modest necklines and skirt lengths.

The sequins are glamorous and sexy, so to keep the look chic and sophisticated, make sure your skirt length is conservative and that your neckline isn’t too low cut, as this could cheapen the look and distract from the sophisticated feel of the outfit!

7 Keep your make-up subtle

As mentioned above, the sequins are the star of the show, and you should keep your makeup subtle and natural. I would also keep your hair low-key and natural too, and either tie it back in a messy up do, or opt for loose casual waves, but avoid anything too stylised and glamorous curls.

8 Accessorise with sequins

Although I said to avoid accessories when wearing sequins, it’s perfectly OK to have sparkly accessories, if these are your ONLY sequin pieces!

9 Fake it until you make it!

You may feel a bit uncomfortable if you’re not used to wearing sequins, but don’t worry and try not to feel too self conscious.

Yes, sequins are dressy, but if you follow these rules, you will look chic and sophisticated and not at all overdressed.

I hope you enjoyed this post on how to sparkle in sequins in the day, and just step out of your comfort zone for this last day of the style part of the challenge, commit to the look and own it.

And remember, the key rule when it comes to wearing sequins, less is always more!

The aim of this challenge is to stay positive and fabulous as we start the year in lockdown again and to experiment and have fun with your wardrobe, by wearing what you already own to put together new outfits.

It’s about putting together what you own in new ways and shaking you out of your style rut. So, just have some fun with it!

You can share your outfit on our Facebook Pages (@StyleConfidenceandSuccesswithJulia and @Fabafterfifty – don’t forget to follow us if you don’t already ) and if you love using social media you can also share your looks on Instagram or Twitter with #NewYearNewYouChallenge2021.


“Look good, feel good, live your best life“

Julia and Ceri xo


Julia Rees

Julia is a Style, Confidence and Success Coach and she is passionate about helping women to look good, feel good and live their best lives. She helps women find balance, clarity, confidence, freedom and success both within their personal and professional lives, and she is also a Style, Lifestyle and Travel blogger

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