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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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Where in the UK has the highest life expectancy?

Where in the UK has the highest life expectancy image

Life expectancy has increased gradually over the past century and recent data has shown that women currently live an average of 87.2 years compared to 84.3 years for men.

Reassured are passionate about life insurance, such as family and over 60 life insurance and wanted to find out more about what potential factors can impact life expectancy. They have analysed ONS data to determine whether gender, location, martial status and even children can impact the average life expectancy in the UK.

Does marriage increase or decrease life expectancy?

Although women currently have a greater average life expectancy than men, marriage actually bridges the gap with the life expectancy increasing for a married man, whereas it is the opposite for women.

When married the life expectancy for men increases to 85.4 years, an increase of 1.1 years. Alternatively, women lose a full year, as their average life expectancy drops to 86.2 years. Although women still have a higher life expectancy, the difference is halved due to marriage!

Not having children reduces life expectancy

Children give great joy to families across the UK, but parents know that having children can sometimes be a tough ask and very tiring. Interestingly you would think this would mean parents would have a lower life expectancy, but this is not the case, children actually make us live longer.

Fathers gain nearly three more years when they become a parent, as men without a child have an average life expectancy of 82.9 years compared to fathers who have an average life expectancy of 85.7 years.

The same can be said for women, with a mother’s average life expectancy being 88.3 years, while a women who doesn’t have children having an average life expectancy of 86 years.

Which places across the UK have the highest percentage for ‘good health’ years

Can where you live impact your life expectancy? From reassured analysis it looks to be the case, as they looked at which locations have the highest and lowest life expectancy, including factors such as proportion of life spent in ‘good health’ and also the difference of life expectancy across various UK regions.

Scottish people have the lowest life expectancy at an average of 83.9 years but interestingly the ‘Orkney Islands’ in Scotland is ranked top UK places to live for the proportion of your life spent in ‘good health’. Men that live on the Orkney Islands spend an 87.7% of their life in good health, while the women located on the island spend a staggering 91.2% of their life in good health.

Some areas of the UK are not as promising as that, with the Lancashire seaside town of Blackpool experiencing the lowest number of ‘good health’ years; Men spend 72.2% of their life good health while women as little as 69.5%.

It is the South East of England who have the highest life expectancy in England, with an average of 87 years, while the women who live in that area having an impressive life expectancy of 88.3 years.

Steve Marshall, Chief Executive at Reassured commented:

“Following what has been a year of much turbulence and uncertainty, many of us are likely to have spent at least some time re-evaluating what is truly important, whether it be our partner, the children, the grandchildren or the family home.”

“Life is often described as being short. But it’s fascinating to see how many elements of our everyday lives can impact these numbers, which is why we believe it’s so essential to cherish the moments we have with our loved ones, and to also ensure we have the necessary financial protection in place.”

“This is why we are so passionate about life insurance and the peace of mind it can help provide.”



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