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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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  1. When Self-Love Means Rewriting the Rules – Defining my own Divorce

    Article By Lisa McCourt I teach the combined arts of authenticity and self-love, and one of the most profoundly transformative skills my students learn is the ability to rewrite rules. When you start loving yourself enough to script your own life, independent of the expectation of others, shift happens. My most difficult and significant rule re-writing took place as my marriage was winding down. Greg is a warm, kind, smart, generous, and all-around wonderful man, but for reasons I won’t go into here, our marriage had stopped working for me. With the help of several years of marriage counseling and many personal-development and relationship courses, we were able to overcome old patterns and significantly strengthen our partnership with the exception of one vital component: I could never reawaken the romantic...
  2. 27% of Divorcing Couples Give ‘Falling Out of Love’ as Reason. Tips to Keep Love Alive Midlife

    Guest article by Dr Gian Gonzaga 27% of divorcing couples cited ‘falling out of love’ as the main reason for getting a divorce. With more divorces of the over 50s being instigated by the wives than the husbands- what can the over 50s do to keep romance and love alive midlife. As children leave home, changing the dynamics of home life, becoming an emptynester can place a strain on some marriages. Dr Gian Gonzaga, Director of Research at relationship site eHarmony.co.uk gives his perspective on the subject and advises on how to make sure you keep hold of that loving feeling: Tips to keep love alive midlife Here are Dr Gian Gonzaga’s tips for staying in love midlife; 1.Celebrating your achievements together is vital to a strong and healthy relationship...
  3. Pensions and Divorce. What’s Your Entitlement to Ex’s Pension?

    Article by Sarah Pennells of SavvyWoman.co.uk Many women who get divorced don’t realise how important the pension can be. Don’t ignore it. For most couples who go through a divorce, deciding what happens to the family home is the biggest financial decision they have to make. It’s easy to see why. Your home is a tangible object and you can work out – reasonably easily – what it’s likely to be worth. It may also have huge emotional importance. The same cannot be said for a pension. It’s not only divorcing couples who find pensions a bit of a mystery, many divorce lawyers do as well. However, it can mean you lose out and – if you do – making up the shortfall can be difficult, if...
  4. 6 tips for dealing with Midlife Divorce or Separation

    Guest article from Andrea Beadle So many women in their 50s find themselves dealing with the aftermath of divorce and separation-we asked Andrea if she could offer some advice to midlife women on  how to ‘move on’ after a  divorce later in life and start rebuilding their lives: There are very few people who haven’t been touched in some way by divorce or separation. Whether as a child experiencing the fallout from parents’ separation or as an adult experiencing it firsthand, separation can leave a lasting impression if we aren’t able to move on. I’ve recently encountered many women who have been through or are going through a separation and the thing that strikes me is the difference in how people cope. Why it is that a handful of...
  5. The Pitfalls of Living and Divorcing abroad

    Article by Joanne Major Where a couple decide to live abroad, separation and divorce are probably the last things on their minds.  However they are an important consideration for the following reasons:- • If neither party was born in England but one spouse wishes to file for divorce in the English courts, that spouse must live in England for at least one year prior to petitioning for divorce • A party who was born in England can petition for divorce in the English courts but they must live in England for at least 6 months prior to petitioning for divorce These “waiting periods” are likely to cause frustration to a spouse who has relocated or returned to the UK from abroad and wishes to petition for divorce as soon as possible after separation from their...
  6. Should you sign a pre-nup?

    Article by Franklin Price “MARRY ME, NOT MY MONEY”- SHOULD YOU CONSIDER A PRE-NUP? When marrying (or re-marrying) later in life, there are many aspects to consider, including the signing of a pre-nup. Growing tendency for judges to take pre-nuptial agreements into account in divorce The long awaited judgment in the Radmacher v. Granatino appeal was finally delivered by the Supreme Court on 20 October 2010, upholding the 2009 Court of Appeal decision that the pre-nuptial agreement entered into by heiress Katrin Radmacher and her husband Nicolas Granatino on their marriage was binding on the husband.   However, despite this decision, pre-nuptial agreements are still not enshrined in English statute, unlike in most of the other European Union countries.  Nevertheless, there has been a growing tendency in recent...
  7. Divorce and Self-Help- Determining Assets

    Article by Sarah Pennells A ruling by the Court of Appeal says that divorcing couples can’t help themselves to each other’s financial documents without their knowledge. What does it mean if you’re going through a breakup? If you’ve never been through a divorce or your divorce was completely amicable then the idea of one partner snooping round the computer or filing cabinet of another might seem rather odd, but ‘self help’, as it’s called, happens in many cases in England and Wales (although it’s not something that has been allowed in the same way in Scottish divorces). It’s been something of a grey area legally, but up until this court case, the general view has been that couples could take copies of documents from desk drawers or filing cabinets (except when they’ve been locked) or from...
  8. Managing Your Finances when you Divorce

     Article by Sarah Pennells If you’re thinking about getting divorced, you’ll probably have braced yourself for a lot of uncertainty. But for many women, one of the biggest fears is about the financial consequences of breaking up.  When I was writing my book, ‘Divorce; how to help yourself and your finances’  , I spoke to many women who were either already divorced or in the process of splitting up. Most worried about how they would cope financially after the breakup and all wanted straight answers about how their home and other assets would be divided.  Unfortunately, there are few cast iron rules about who gets what (certainly if you get divorced in England or Wales, although it’s different in Scotland). But there are some guidelines that might help. How are assets divided? Big money divorces create all the...
  9. Should you Divorce in your 50s or Work on your Relationship?

    Article by Jackie Walker I was having a chat the other day with a lady who has a propensity to buy and store things ‘just in case’ they might be useful. I thought about how this attitude can often keep people in marriages, and conversely, how it might even fuel a divorce.  Let’s explore how it could play out. Many women over 50 question their relationships There are many women over fifty who wonder just what are they doing with their partner – especially if they have gone through the empty nest period and seem to be needed for less.  They hold onto him just in case they wouldn’t find another partner.  Just in case their financial security as they head towards retirement would be at risk.  They feel that it’s better the...
  10. Don’t Let Your Divorce Ruin your Daughter’s Wedding

    Article by Keren Smedley Our relationship expert adddresses a difficult post divorce issue   “I separated from my husband 12 years ago. We’ve been divorced for seven of those. He’s still smarting and spitting. We have grown up children who are developing their own lives. My daughter told me last week that she was thinking about not inviting me or her father to her wedding as she didn’t want the tensions between us to spoil her day. Then she burst into tears because she doesn’t want to get married without us. It just isn’t fair. I’ve tried every which way to relate to her father. At times like this, I almost wish we hadn’t split up even though life is so much better and the children don’t have to listen to our daily...
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