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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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5 Reasons to Start Freelancing  Amidst Covid-19 Pandemic

r reasons to freelance image

It’s beginning to seem like the pandemic has caused permanent or long time change to a lot of things. That change has heavily seeped into the way we work and make money as a whole. It’s equally no secret that a huge many people saw the nature of their work change, or found their roles redundant as a result of the virus. 

A lot of people have had to look for other ways to make ends meet. A highly sought out solution these days is freelancing, yet a lot of people are unaware of why it could be a good route to take. To clarify, here are 5 reasons to start freelancing amidst Covid-19 pandemic.

  • You’ll be your own boss

Think of it this way, you’ll have the freedom to pick the niche you want to work in. You’ll also be able to pretty much pick your own hours. There is also the major advantage of basically being your own boss. So, there are no setbacks for you as long as you maintain a steady supply of work coming your way. 

Either way, you will be in  more in control of what you do for a living than ever before. But don’t take this opportunity to get too comfortable, you will still need to effective in setting priorities and achieving deadlines and goals. Learn to think differently because that’s the way to stand out in a sea of freelancers.

With more control over your job than ever before, what is stopping you from making it more official by adding some branded items to your work kit to help spread the word of your company and what you can do? Use pens and notebooks when meeting with clients, business cards or freebies in orders to customers or even have your logo printed on clothing or bags for when you are out and about. Visit Dynamic Gift to see their range of promotional products that could be perfect for your new business venture.

  • Physical contact is conveniently limited

Unlike the way it is in a normal office setting, freelancing has always afforded workers to get things done at home. So, freelancers were effectively self-isolating long before it was a requirement. Of course, the situation surrounding the general workforce now is completely different, but in a way, freelancers have a lot less to catch up on. Mostly, if you choose to freelance, you are not required to have physical contact with anyone, and even meetings with clients which were previously conducted face to face are now primarily being conducted via video links. 

You can conveniently receive your work at home, interact with other professionals online and even set up systems to make working from home a lot more comfortable. For instance, instead of going out to collect your mail every day, you can get a virtual P.O box, for both personal and business-related mail. Simply visit https://www.physicaladdress.com to figure out how to set that up.

  • You have the liberty to work from anywhere

For the most part, the major requirements for freelance work are a good internet connection and a PC. There are differences here and there depending on the field, but it’s not limiting. So, whether you were stuck in another country when the pandemic struck or cannot leave the house because you’re taking precautions, your work will not be affected in any way. It’s perfect since there has actually been a huge surge in remote working since the pandemic started.

  • It’s a great way to upskill

The great thing about freelancing is that you continue to learn. Knowledge is regarded even more paramount now than ever before. To stay relevant and pull in more work, it’s important to stay informed. There is something about learning on the job or from experience that makes it a lot easier to assimilate.

  • Job security is not an issue

A major issue traditional workers faced was being let go once the pandemic really set in. Freelancing eliminates all this, the only way you can get laid off is if you lay yourself off. Sure, there may be hiccups along the line, but ultimately you have more control over your fate than ever before. So, rather than twiddling your thumbs looking to find full time employment, try your hand at some freelancing.


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