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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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A Style Guide for Elegant Summer Outfits for Ladies Over 50

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Now that you have hit the Nifty Fifties, we all know what we should wear now. Pack away the bright bold colours and wear dark and long dresses to hide in. Right? No! There is absolutely no reason to do that. Not a single one. You are bold and confident so why can’t your fashion choices portray that? Comfortable and elegant do not mean boring and bland. A great example of this is Skechers shoes, comfortable but so stylish and bold. Let us have a look at some elegant summer outfits for ladies over 50.

The Basic T-Shirt

There is absolutely no way you can go wrong with this timeless classic and it is a staple in many women’s closets.  It fits with almost everything and you can dress it up or down. You can wear it with jeans and a blazer and have a stunning semi-formal look. Wearing a black or white t-shirt can look very summery and casual but still look very elegant and well put together.

Look for quality fabric that isn’t see-through, and make sure it is always clean, fresh, and ironed. You are fifty not frumpy. Big difference. Also do not be scared to be a little bit different and to add a bit of wow to your outfit. Play around with different sleeve lengths and be a bit adventurous by tying a knot to the side or opting for a bright colour you like that compliments your skin tone.

Midi Length Summer Dress

Even as a woman in your fifties there is no reason to shy away from pretty summer dresses. Because who doesn’t like a pretty flattering summer dress?

You do not have to go super short but you also do not have to be scared to show off your legs a bit. A midi dress can look effortlessly stylish and look very flattering. It is lovely to wear in the summer if you are a little bit self-conscious about your legs but still want to look beautiful and feminine. Go for small patterns like little flower patterns as this will make you look young and fresh and accentuate your beautiful body. Big patterns can make you look much bigger and older than you actually are.

style over 50 image

Slip-On Sneakers

We bet that you were expecting sandals on this list, didn’t you? Do not get us wrong, sandals are a beautiful shoe to wear during summer as you can show off your pedicure and it is light and easy to slip on and off. However, our feet work hard for us and a lot of the time we forget this. As we age our feet need more support and when we are on our feet all day sandals cannot always give us that much-needed support.

This is where slip-on sneakers save the day. They look cool and stylish but can give your poor hard-working feet the support they need while looking effortlessly stylish. You can dress them up and down and can also add a pop of colour and quirkiness to your outfit. Celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker and Halle Berry love wearing sneakers with their outfits while still looking elegant and classy.

clothes over 50 image



Off to the beach, baby! You can still look stunning on the beach; you just have to wear the right swimsuit that looks beautiful but also makes you feel 100% comfortable in your own body.  If you still want to rock your 2-piece suit but still want coverage, go for a high-waisted bikini bottom and straps that are a little bit thicker at the arms. If you would like a one-piece swimsuit. Wear a one-piece with some small floral patterns or add a pop of colour. This timeless classic piece will never go out of style. You can also add a beautiful sarong to your outfit to cover up or to add a splash of colour to your beachwear outfit.

Wedding Guest Attire

A dress is a perfect choice for a woman over 50. You can look super classy and elegant if you wear the right dress (just make sure not to overshadow the bride!) A wrap dress is perfect for occasions just like this as it is feminine, flattering, and creates beautiful definition. If you pair it with beautiful block heels and dainty jewellery you would definitely look gorgeous and feel so confident!

Last Words

No matter your age, it is important to look and feel confident and beautiful from the inside and out. This guide can help you to find clothing pieces that work for you and make you feel confident and pretty but also comfortable in what you are wearing. When you wear something, you feel pretty and comfortable. It will show immediately in how you walk, talk and act.


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