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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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  1. Live Discussion: Are Women under Pressure to Look Young?

    Article by Ceri Wheeldon Live Discussion Friday Aril 11th at 5pm (UK) Are women under pressure to look young? Does the media portray only youthful images as positive images? Is looking ‘older’ seen as negative? I’ll be joined by a panel of ‘Fab Women’, Sharon Watson, Judith Brady and Lindsey Agness as we debate and discuss this topic. We would love for you to join us! You don’t need a Google Plus account to watch. If you do have a Google Plus Account and join us via the Google Plus Event’s page (link below) you’ll be able to add your comments to the live stream. Link to watch and participate on Google Plus If you don’t have a Google Plus account you can watch the live stream (or replay later) on...
  2. How Dare They Call 50 Old!!! A Live Google Hangout with Fab after Fifty

    Article by Ceri Wheeldon With so many brands, media outlets and employers seemingly having decided to write us off at 50 and brand us as old (I personally was hoping for another 40 years at least!) , I will be joined by Jackie Walker, Lindsey Agness and Sandra Watson in a lively discussion as we discuss just how apart reality and perceptions of age are and what we can do to change those perceptions. 50 Old? Not if we can help it!! How to watch: Date March 27th 5pm (UK) I do hope you’ll join us – either by watching live on Google Plus, YouTube, or returning to this page where you will be able to see the discussion live . If you are on Google Plus...
  3. The Menopause Q&A with Dr Marilyn Glenville (Video)

    Interview by Ceri Wheeldon When I posted that I was going to interview Dr Marilyn Glenville about the menopause I was inundated with questions from readers. Scroll down to video. In addition to hot flushes and night sweats other questions included: How long should the menopause last? How long do hot flushes last? Is there a second menopause? How long should you take HRT? How to avoid/cure insomnia? How to cope with mood swings? Reasons for excess hair. Stress and the menopause. Joint pain during menopause. What causes fatigue during the menopause and how to manage it. Dr Marilyn Glenville answers all of these questions on the menopause – and more in the video.   Marilyn has written some really comprehensive books on the topic of the menopause that I can highly recommend: Natural Solutions to Menopause: How to stay...
  4. 6 Top Tips for Life from Women over 60 given for Younger Generations.

    Interview with Sarah Dale. As  psychologist Sarah Dale approached her 50th birthday, she wanted to better understand how life was viewed by women in their 60s and beyond. With this in mind Sarah set out interview a number of women over 60 to understand their philosophy and life, friendship, acceptance, confidence and deciding on priorities in life in their 50s and beyond. Sarah shares all the wisdom of these women over 60  in her book, Bolder and Wiser. In this video interview Sarah shares the top 6 lessons she has learned through her interviews with this special women, all over 60, who have taken the time to share their experience gained over six decades. As  always, do share with friends who you feel may benefit from the tips given . A link to Sarah’s fabulous book...
  5. Are Women over 50 on Google Plus? Join us to learn more!

    Article by Ceri Wheeldon Are you like me, created an account, had a quick look. got totally confused and made a hasty retreat to the comfort of Facebook and twitter? Well, a few weeks ago I decided to take another look. Instead of just posting links to my latest FabafterFifty articles which seemed to disappear into a black hole, never to be seen again, I decided  to try and actually connect with people. Since I had initially created my account, Google Plus has now added Communities, where you can connect with people with similar interests. I was incredibly lucky to connect with a lovely lady called Sandra Watson, who has taken me under her wing and really helped me to get started. Sandra likes to communicate via Google in what is...
  6. Women over 50 in the Workplace – Do We Have a Sell by Date

    Article by Ceri Wheeldon As you know- I am always championing women over 50 in the workplace. But do we have a sell by date, and if we do, what should we be doing to extend it? Whether for financial reasons or simply because we enjoy working, women are working for longer than ever before.  According to figures released by the TUC, more than 1.6 million more women over 50 are currently working than 20 years ago. In fact 60% of women between 50 and 64 are economically active, with many choosing to set up their own businesses as feel they are discriminated against when it comes to mainstream employment. With the increase in the state pension age, for many to NOT work is no longer an option. But how well received are...
  7. Video Interview with Marilyn Glenville: Risks and Benefits of HRT during the menopause?

    Article by Ceri Wheeldon We receive a lot of questions from readers about HRT and the menopause, so we are delighted to have Dr Marilyn Glenville answer many of those questions. In this video we cover: What is HRT? What are the risks associated with HRT? What are the benefits of HRT? How should you assess the risks when deciding if HRT is right for you? How long should you take HRT? What happens when you stop HRT? What are bio-identical hormones? Enjoy the video. As always, do share with those you feel will benefit, and feel free to post your questions in the comments below. Transcript of HRT and Menopause video interview: Ceri: Hi, Marilyn. Thank you for joining us today. For those of you who don’t know Marilyn, Marilyn, in fact, you’re the UK’s leading women’s health nutritionist. So,...
  8. Dr Carol Cooper talks about publishing her first novel- One Night at the Jacaranda

    Interview by Ceri Wheeldon Dr Carol Cooper is a familiar face on news bulletins and medical programmes – and has written a number of health and parenting books. Her Carol shares with Fab after Fifty the events which led her to finally write the novel she had always wanted to write, One Night at the Jacaranda. Carol discusses how she was able to find the time to write in her extremely busy life, how she developed her characters, and why she wanted to write the type of book that she herself would want to read. Carol offers her tips for others wanting to follow their writing dreams. I’ve read the book – it’s fabulous. Will Carol be the next Jilly Cooper? You decide 🙂   One Night at the Jacaranda is available from Amazon ...
  9. Video Interview: How easy is it to start dating over 50?

    Interview by Ceri Wheeldon There are so many questions asked by our readers regarding dating over 50. I asked Karen Mooney, who set up one of the UK’s longest established introduction agencies, Sara Eden and is also the spokesperson for the Association of British Introduction Agencies  if she could answer the dating questions which most frequently arrive in my inbox. In the first of our series of video interview we cover: Is it too late to start dating in your 50s? How easy is it to meet appropriate men? Is there an upper age limit for anyone wanting to join an introduction agency? How different is dating in your 50s to dating in your 20s? What should we be cautious of in determine if the people we meet are genuine? Are all the good men taken? Are men in their...
  10. Video Interview Learning When To Say No with Irene Brankin


    Article by Ceri Wheeldon

    when to say no image

    Why is that that we find ourselves reluctant to say no?

    Is it the fear of not being liked?

    Is it fear of the consequences?

    Is there a right or a wrong time to say No?

    When should we keep quiet?

    When should we speak out?

    When should we stay quiet just to be included?

    Irene discusses all of this in this short but very relevant interview!


    As always, please post your questions and comments – and don’t forget to share!

    Irene can be contacted at http://thevisiblewoman.com

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