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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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  1. Video Interview Irene Brankin on being BOTH positive AND authentic

    Article by Ceri Wheeldon With so much talk about positive thinking, Irene Brankin  (Chartered Counselling Psychologist) shares her thoughts and experience on why she believes that we need to more than think positively if we are to be authentic. In this video we discuss, Positive Thinking looking at being BOTH positive AND looking at other aspects of ourselves. Acceptance of who we are – and bowing to pressure to look and behave in a certain way. How to authentic and visible How to communicate when we need support and who to go to How to allow your vulnerable side to come through as well as your positive side. Learning to let go and reach out. How to stop living  like a “caged tiger” How to continue growing through life. As always we would welcome...
  2. Video Interview: What motivates women over 50 to set up businesses. Karen Knott discusses


    Karen_Knott_headshotArticle by Ceri Wheeldon

    Part One of  series of interviews about setting up a business over 50..

    In this video interview with midlife business coach Karen Knott, we discuss the motivation of women over 50 setting up first time businesses, and how easy it is to start on the route to self-employment. We discuss technology and the flexibility that can bring to a business start up as well as the life changes that prompt women to become first time entrepreneurs.

    Can you find your purpose, and make a difference – and an income- by becoming self-employed or setting up a business?

    Karen discusses the importance of the clarity of your business vision – and having a plan!

    Watch the Video:

    For more information on the type of coaching Karen offers ‘Fabpreneurs’ go to http://primetimebusiness.co.uk

  3. Video: How to Lose Weight during the Menopause. Tips from Dr Marilyn Glenville


    menopause weight gain Interview with Dr Marilyn Glenville

    In the second video in our series on the Menopause, Dr Marilyn Glenville talks about weight gain during the menopause.

    • Why do we get that ‘matronly’ figure associated with the menopause?
    • Why do we gain weight around the middle during menopause?
    • Why does our metabolism slow down during menopause?
    • What are the health risks associated with menopausal weight gain?
    • Are there specific food groups we should avoid during menopause?
    • Are there specific foods we should add to our diet during menopause?

    All these questions – and more – are addressed in this video interview.


    You may also like to read Marilyn’s excellent book addressing menopausal weight gain ‘Fat Around the Middle’.

  4. You can reinvent your career and start a business in your 50s – or 60s says Dr Lynda Shaw

    Interview with Dr Lynda Shaw Your fifties is the ideal time to set up your own business and it may help to keep you healthy according to Cognitive Neuroscientist and Business Improvement Strategist, Dr Lynda Shaw, at a time when the UK still faces rife ageism in the workplace. This is a topic we cover frequently here on Fab after Fifty – as we explore the best ways for us to make the best half of life – not forgetting that for many of us we have to work beyond 50 out of financial necessity, as well as for enjoyment- and for many self-employment appears to be the only option available to us. Dr Lynda Shaw says the UK is seeing a wave...
  5. Video: How to ‘Eat Yourself Young’ Interview with Elizabeth Peyton-Jones

    Interview with Elizabeth Peyton-Jones Some of the foods we eat can actually be ageing us – having a negative effect on both our health and our looks.  The book Eat Yourself Young by Elizabeth Peyton-Jones takes through the ageing processes of the body, and the foods that have the most negative effect on how we age and look – and the optimum ‘youthing’ foods that can help us to age positively. Author and nutritionist Elizabeth Peyton-Jones talks about the principles behind the Eat Yourself Young programme, including the 5 foods to avoid and the foods to add to your diet for more energy and positive ageing. she explains why we should avoid salt, sugar, bad fats, dairy and red meat, and how simple changes to our diet can have positive, long term health benefits. Enjoy...
  6. Video : How to Dress to look slimmer over 50.

    Video interview with Judith Brady Questions about dressing to look slimmer and disguising fat around the middle gained by many during menopause are amongst the most frequently received in my inbox! Often when we think we are dressing to look slimmer – we are having the opposite effect, just by wearing our cloths in the wrong way. In this video, Judith Brady shows us how we can look slimmer and fabulous over 50 just by changing the way we put our outfits together. Do you wear black to look slimmer – most of us do- but we might be wearing black in the wrong way – Judith shows us her simple tricks to wear black and REALLY look slimmer. Do you know the best way to wear colour to look...
  7. Video: How to look fabulously stylish over 50 with accessories for the party season.


    Judith accessories 3By Ceri Wheeldon and Judith Brady.

    You can be party ready over 50 just by choosing the right accessories.

    Stylist Judith Brady talks to Fab after Fifty about one of my favourite topics – accessories!

    In this video Judith with show how:you can transform an outfit and look stylish over 50 with the clever use of accessories :

    • statement necklaces
    • scarves, belts,
    • bracelets and cuffs.

    Accessories can play a part in transforming basic outfits into stunning party clothes.

    Look fabulous over 50 with these simple tips for accessorising.

    Enjoy the video, and please add your questions for future style videos in the comments box. We have lots of future style videos planned and would love to answer your questions.


    Look fabulous!!…

  8. Video: How do we relieve the symptoms of the menopause? Dr Marilyn Glenville talks about Hot Flushes and Night Sweats

    Article by Ceri Wheeldon With so much misinformation out in the market regarding the menopause, I’m delighted to bring the first in a series of video interviews with the UK’s leading women’s nutritionist , and author of Natural Solutions to Menopause, Marilyn Glenville. In this video Marilyn discusses: How to relieve key symptoms of the menopause What causes hot flushes The triggers for hot flushes and how to avoid them What causes night sweats The effect of hormones on the menopause How to alleviate symptoms of the menopause with herbal supplements and lifestyle changes. Video: How to manage symptoms of the menopause   Transcript: Ceri: Hi. With me today I’ve got Marilyn Glenville with me and Marilyn is the UK’s leading nutritionist in women’s health. So, Marilyn, thank you very much talking to Fabafterfifty today. Marilyn: And nice  to speak to you, Ceri. Ceri:...
  9. Video Makeup tutorial for mature women: How to apply foundation and concealer for luminous younger looking skin


    younger looking skin with makeupArticle by Ceri Wheeldon

    As we age our skin loses density and elasticity as our collagen levels decrease, resulting in more wrinkles, sagging and pigmentation spots.

    It is possible to create the illusion of luminous, younger looking skin with makeup as we show in this video which is part of our How to Look Younger with MakeUp series.

    In this video we show you :

    • How to choose and apply the right foundation for mature skin
    • Where and how to apply concealer to even out skin tone and eliminate dark circles and shadows
    • Where to apply highlighter to create a lifting effect for the face.

    Video: How to apply foundation and concealer for younger looking skin over 50

    Products used:

    Clinique Primer

    Daniel Sandler Invisible Radiance Foundation and Concealer

    Sheer Cover Concealer

    Charlotte Tilbury Highlighter


  10. Video MakeUp Tutorial for mature women – how to create younger, fuller looking lips


    video - makture makeup-lipsArticle by Ceri Wheeldon

    As we age our lips thin, are less defined and lose the plumpness associated with youth.

    For those of us who would like our lips to look fuller without resorting to dermal fillers – this video tutorial offers tips to create younger looking lips with makeup. Part of our How to Look Younger with MakeUp video series

    In this video we show:

    • How to minimise smokers lines with makeup
    • How to line the lips to create more definition and fullness
    • How to choose the right colour lipstick to make teeth look whiter
    • Where to apply lip gloss to make lips look fuller.

    Video : Tips for younger looking lips with makeup.

    Products used:

    Clarins lip pencil

    Filorga lip densifier and line smoother

    Transformulas Lip Plumper

    Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick

    Susan Posnick Lipstick

    Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss


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