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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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When And How To Seek Legal Advice

When to get legal advice image

Most of us are familiar with adverts for will writing services, personal injury claims and divorce lawyers, but there are several circumstances in which it’s advisable to enlist legal help. In this guide, we’ll discuss when and how to seek legal advice. 

Relationship breakdowns and custody

If you have children under the age of 18 or you are married, and your relationship breaks down, it’s critical to have experts in your corner. Divorce can be a complex process, particularly if there is a custody battle or you have shared assets in the form of property, savings or businesses. If you are initiating proceedings, or your partner has filed for divorce, look for a firm that specialises in divorce and family law and ask around for recommendations if you have friends or colleagues who have been through the process previously. Research practices in your area, read reviews and testimonials and organise calls or virtual chats to enable you to get to know different lawyers before you make a decision. 

Immigration issues

If you’re not a UK citizen and you want to relocate to the UK permanently or you’re looking to get a visa to work, or you are a UK citizen and you want to get a visa for a partner or family member, it’s beneficial to hire an immigration solicitor. There are stringent regulations in place in relation to work and residency visas, and working with a lawyer will help to make the process of applying faster, simpler and less stressful. 


Writing a will and estate planning

Nobody wants to dwell on the fact that they won’t be here one day, but death is a fate that awaits us all. Writing a will is essential to ensure that your estate is divided between the people you want to benefit. Before you write your will, take time to think about your assets and who you want to include in the document. You shouldn’t ever rush into making a will or feel pressured to write names down against your wishes. Search for a reputable, trustworthy legal firm to oversee the process for you. 


Employment problems

If you have concerns about your employer’s behaviour, you think you’ve been fired unfairly, or you’re worried that your job is putting your health or safety at risk, seek advice from a legal team that specialises in employment law or personal injury claims. If you have a contract, your employer has a duty to fulfil the requirements of the agreement. You have rights that should protect you against unfair dismissal, prejudice and illness and injury. It’s particularly important to reach out if your situation is affecting your mental or physical health or you feel that you are being pressured into keeping quiet about bullying at work or losing your job. 

There are several scenarios in which it is beneficial to seek legal advice. Experts can help to clarify processes, eliminate stress and anxiety, provide explanations and build strong cases and claims to ensure you get the result you deserve. 



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