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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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  1. How going grey helped Kama find her inner confidence. How will you find yours?

    Article by Kama Frankling Where was my confidence hiding for all of those years? Last year I finally found my true confidence. It had been hiding for years and even though I had searched and searched, it was never to be found. Then I found it quite unexpectedly, and I will admit it was not at all where I expected to find it. It had been hiding all that time waiting for me, but I needed to do one last thing before it would show itself. I needed to stop colouring my hair. You see I found my confidence in my grey hair. Don’t worry I am not saying you have to stop colouring your hair to find confidence. What I...
  2. Andrew Barton answers your hair questions so you can have fabulous hair over 50

    Q&A with Andrew Barton What’s the best way to tackle newly greying hair? We put your hair questions  to celebrity hairdresser Andrew Barton. It seems that working out how best to manage greying hair was high on many lists for women in their 50s. Andrew offers his tips to solve your hair problems. Q. How to deal with patchy grey without endless root retouching? A. Much of the success of covering grey hair is choosing the right colour and it’s true to say that lighter colours are often easier to maintain as the re growth of new hair doesn’t show as quickly. At my Covent Garden Salon we use a new generation of hair colour by Redken that gives an iridescent effect to hair colour resulting in less demarcation line...
  3. Product Review: Ogario London’s Restore and Shine Hair Masque tried and tested

    Review by Ceri Wheeldon I am always looking for products that can tame my hair- which being incredibly curly, has a mind of its own- and has a tendency towards being dry – especially at the ends. I have noticed taht my hair has become drier and coarser in my 50s. I was thrilled to come across Ogario London’s Restore and Shine Hair Masque which I shall now think of as my ‘rescue remedy’ on bad hair days. My hair was particularly lacklustre following a flu bug and needed more help than my everyday conditioners could offer. The masque itself has a...
  4. What causes Female Pattern Hair Loss and can it be treated?

    Article by Sara G. Allison Thinning or loss of hair for women is rarely discussed but can cause distress for those affected. I asked trichologist Sara G. Allison to talk about why it occurs, and what can be done when it happens: Female Pattern Hair loss, otherwise known as Androgenic Alopecia-affects many women when there are times of hormonal change, especially around the menopause. However, treatment can usually prevent further hair loss and often cause hair re-growth. Who gets female pattern hair loss? Hair loss in women affected by androgenic alopecia is likely to be first noticed at times of hormonal change, i.e. approaching the menopause or early stages of starting the menopause when there are changes to the testosterone and oestrogen ratio. This change can also cause increased...
  5. Helen Mirren dyes her hair pink – would you be as daring with your hair colour?

    Article by Ceri Wheeldon Is the pink rinse the way forward as opposed the blue rinse? Helen Mirren is used to taking centre stage at red carpet events. At the BAFTA awards it was her pink  hair colour and not her acting which became the topic for discussion. Reactions were mixed, ranging from stunning and flattering to dismay at the departure from her usual blondle locks. Love it or hate it, would you be so brave? I know I deliberate at changing the shade of my blonde highlights or taking just an inch off the length of my hair! At least it shows that she’s not stuck in a style rut! It seems Dame Helen’s change of hair colour was inspired by the winner of America’s Top Model. ...
  6. Top tips to stop hair loss in its tracks

    Article by Glenn Lyons, Trichologist Most people at sometime in their lives will experience some form of hair loss. However, if you’re noticing more shedding than you are used to which isn’t related to any medication you are taking, then read on for some helpful tips. Eat well Hair loss can be a symptom of even minor general health disturbances. Eating healthy foods is necessary to ensure that your body gets the minerals and vitamins it needs. Getting the right amount of nutrients is important to your hair health as well as your body’s health. Watch your vitamin intake As a lot of people aren’t getting their five a day, supplements can often prove useful. Sometimes the loss of hair can be caused by a vitamin or mineral deficiency so...
  7. Lulu shares her hair tips – we can all have fabulous hair over 50!

    Article by Lulu For better or worse I seem to be known for my hair!  I have always been fascinated by hair and when I was younger wanted to be a hairdresser – I would do my mother and sister’s hair for them on a Saturday night (whether they wanted me to or not!).  I remember my mother’s comment when I married John Frieda  . . .’FINALLY you have your very own hairdresser!’  I have to admit I am a little obsessed so I thought I would tackle some of the questions I get asked all the time . . How do you get hair to look full and bouncy? Well, it starts with a great cut.  That’s essential.  My hairdresser,...
  8. When was the last time you changed your hairstyle? Who over 50 has hair to inspire?

    Article by Fabafterfifty When was the last time you changed your hairstyle? In a new survey 5 of the 10 celebs thought to be in a hair ‘rut’ were over 50.  New research shows that British women on average have had the same hairstyle for 6 years and 153 days, and nearly half have had the same style since they were a teenager ( I have to confess to fitting in this category!) Two thirds of British women are stuck in a style rut because they lack the confidence to change their image, it has emerged.  A quarter of those asked said they would never change their hairstyle. More than half of the study, which was commissioned by Remington, wished they had the confidence to try a...
  9. Product Review: Lulu’s Hair Products – Operation Glam

    Review by Fabafterfifty Lulu’s hair looked terrific throughout Strictly Come Dancing – so I decided to try some of her hair products for myself. I have incredibly difficult hair to manage – it’s extremely fine, very curly and tends to take on a mind of its own- particularly during damp or humid weather. It’s not unusual for me to have to blow dry my hair daily (or even twice a day if I have an evening event to go to)- which is incredibly time consuming. Lock Star shampoo and conditioner I used the Lock Star shampoo and conditioner, followed by the Glammunition Thickening Elixir. From the first time I used the products I was amazed at the difference. My hair held its style far better- and  for longer- I could go...
  10. Grey Hair – Top Tips for Colour and Condition from Andrew Barton

    Article by Andrew Barton There are women who look terrific with grey hair, resist the hair colour bottle, and still look good. Usually these are women who are genetically blessed with striking eyes and looks,  a chic demeanour, fabulous skin and great figures. They would look great whatever their hair colour- but what about those who are less fortunate , and find grey a definite no-no. Well, you can move back to having colour. Grey hair can make you look washed out, pale and faded. Grey hair can often be coarse and frizzy, absorbs light and generally looks flat and dull. When we notice our first grey hairs they are in fact white. Nature can play cruel tricks and strip the hair of melanin ( the substance that gives hair...
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